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  1. It clearly states it online (listed in first page of google search, under INTERNATIONAL APPLICATION PUBLISHED UNDER THE PATENT COOPERATION TREATY) and a clinical trial (ClinicalTrials.gov Identifier: NCT03782038) was conducted specifically for scars. Also, in medicine treatments are constantly repurposed to treat different conditions i.e. botox was originally intended for chronic migraines and then its application became relevant to the cosmetic industry. However, at least here the device
  2. The one thing which I have been wondering is that the surrounding skin within a scar tissue is scar tissue, so logically I'm guessing it would need to start from the borders...do you see what I mean? I am not sure how the surrounding scar tissue will respond...If the so called "deletion" event occurs then we would be sorted!
  3. Hey, I’ve contacted their team to find out. I will let you know if they respond.
  4. Yes they can add you to their mailing list, email [email protected]
  5. Yes from Cytrellis! I agree it's probably the FDA approvals which have been probably further delayed by COVID ... I wonder how much it will influence scar treatment!
  6. I've received an email response (I have been added to their mailing list to receive date of release) doesn't seem too far away actually!
  7. I've emailed the people involved in the trials in regards to when it will be released into the market. Does anyone know?
  8. Does anyone know whether Dr Charakida or Dr Nick Lowe in London do subcision with filler? I really want to see Dr Emil but his clinic is closed for at least three weeks (I was emailed about it last week).
  9. @grannhThe way I am doing it is ensuring that my skin has fully acclimated to tretinoin (after many months of use there no redness or excessive flaking) and then using the AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution ONCE weekly (at night time and not using any tretinoin for that night). If your skin is used to acid exfoliants then you have nothing to worry about, but i first only used it for 3 minutes and gradually worked my way up to 10 minutes. @alisvolatpropriisI personally think its good if you
  10. @Uruguay From what I've researched they both activate the same receptors however Adapelene is more targeted (it doesn't activate receptors leading to irritation) so there is less side effects and hence more of a likelihood to continue treatment.
  11. @can i get a new life pleaseyes you can, the only time I would advise against it is on an open wound. I think they will be even better on immature/red scars!
  12. So I was under the impression that topical retinoids are mainly useful for new/developing scars, however after messaging several people I have heard positive outcomes after years of use on their very old/mature scarring. I am not naive to the various architecture of scarring i.e. tethering of rolling scars etc. but it's still amazing to me how people can get to see significant improvements, What do you all think? I've included a reddit link as an example.