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  1. I think the hardest part is finding legitimate accutane to take. I don't know of any dr's who will prescribe long-term low dose treatments and it's hard to real accutane from the sketchy online sellers.
  2. Ugh, I am out almost out of accutane and haven't been able to acquire any more. This might be the end of my log!
  3. Hey everyone. Long time, no speak! I am taking 10mg every other day at the moment. Unfortunately, I don't think this has helped the oil much. It might be that my accutane is no good, or the doseage is too low. At least I haven't had much acne in months!
  4. Retin A will do nothing for oily skin.
  5. If it was me, I would do the 40mg/day. I had acne and it sucked, but I mainly started the 10mg/day regime to deal with my super oily skin. As an update, I had a pretty nasty zit a couple of weeks ago, but other than that I've been clear. My skin still seems a oily though, so I'm not sure how well this tane is working.
  6. Thanks for the well wishes. Sorry I haven't been checking Acne.org lately. When my acne is behaving, I tend to not visit as much I'm still taking 10mg/day every day. I'm pretty clear with no real significant active acne. My face has never gotten super dry, but my crazy oil situation appears to be more in check than before I started this regime.
  7. Overall, my acne situation has Thanks for the update. How's it going now? How is your active acne and have you had any more of the large nasty zits? I am 40 days into low dose (3x20mg week) and every time I clear up for a few days I seem to break out again. I am hoping as my course progresses I will stay clear.
  8. Sorry for the slow reply. I've been off doing other stuff. It's been almost 3 months since I started taking 10mg/day. Unfortunately, I'm still kinda oily, so I haven't been able to taper off the accutane. Also, since starting I've had a several large nasty zits that have each left indented/red scars behind. Kinda disappointing, but i had the same thing happen when I took a full course years ago. Things aren't all gloomy, however. At this moment I really don't have much active acne o
  9. How much iso are you taking to control it?
  10. I hate dealing with derms. That's why I became my own doctor instead
  11. I'm never giving up. In a way, I can respect what you're saying, but I'm not giving up on treating my scars until I'm in the grave.
  12. I went doctor shopping till I found one that would. It took me awhile, but eventually worked!
  13. Week 6: Not much has changed. I'm still oily which sucks. I had a few minor pimples this week, but they all disappeared pretty quickly. I'm going to continue using 10mg/day although I'm starting to get concerned that it's not going to be enough to stop the oil.
  14. It's been 5 and half weeks now. IThe large zits I last posted about are slowly disappearing and I have not had any new ones appear. That has me pretty stoked! Unfortunately though, I'm still freaking oily! In fact, the only symptoms I've noticed is mildly dry lips. To say the least, I'm pretty disappointed by the lack of progress and am worried that only 10 mg/day might not be enough achieve my goal of not having an oil slick sitting on my face all day. Anyway, if you anyone is even
  15. Very interested to see how this turns out for you. I'm basically doing the same thing, but am on Week 5. Good luck!