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  1. I am turning 30 in June. I'm kinda freaking out. I am over weight and decided I WOULD feel better about myself if I got in shape for my b-day. So I started working out as of Jan.27. I new I was out of shape and over weight but I didn't realize how much until I jumped on the scale and tried my 1st work out. The "instructiona'l video for the original tae-bo... lol Yes it kicked my ass and I was sad about it . I am now in to "basic" and the "8 min work out" back to back. I been eying "advanced" but
  2. My 2 cents... I think moisturizing at night is the way to go. Especially in the winter. I get way dry with out it. I only moisturize at night. During the day I but on SA lotion.
  3. oh doh..tee hee I was confused for some reason. I think i was thinking of 32$ the price as the oz. Also the bottle was smaller then I was assuming. Sry for the miss thread. My order is correct and may I add came in a timely matter. ...red faced...
  4. I noticed more facial hair too. I thought it was because I was getting older 30 in June I epilate my face once a week. I been on bp for 5 years.
  5. I ordered the 34 0z bp and what I received was the 16 0z one I saved my e-mail receipt (thank god). What steps do I need to take to fix this?
  6. Do u do this daily or weekly? once or twice at a time?
  7. besides water...anything that could be added to the water? anything moisturizing?
  8. Bare essentials as a setting powder instead of a powder foundation. I have a lot left and I don't want 2 waste it. Maybe it can be used to set my make-up as a lose powder instead. but does it work? Has anyone tried a full day and liked it? or didn't like it?
  9. i think intensive gives the best coverage by far. if you moisturize, it shouldn't be a problem. Couldn't agree more. =) thnx for replies. I will try for intensive my next sample order.
  10. which is best for a lot of coverage but not oily skin? intensive, original glo, matte or semi?