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    I'm an open minded person who loves diversity. I love new ideas and progressive thinking. I'm the kinda person who's willing to try anything once, because in my opinion, this is our one time around, and we gotta make the best of it.
  1. also, accutane didnt work for me, in fact it was the biggest mistake of my life... It's an awful drug I'm sure alot of people would disagree with that.... the point im trying to make is that just because something didnt work for you, doesnt mean it won't benefit someone else
  2. I have tried.... Minocycline Doxycycline Eurythromycin Clindamycin Amoxicillin Accutane Natural Remedies A strict diet with no supposed acne causing foods Retin A, both strengths and tazorac The only thing i've ever been happy with is the regimen im sorry you didnt have a great experience with it, but for others it is a life saver.... as far as cancer is concerned, I've been to 4 dermatologists, none of them have any personal vendetta against benzoyl peroxide... personally I would think the
  3. i wasn't getting anymore actives, but my face was so red, blotchy and covered in so many marks that the trade off wasnt near worth it
  4. i had like... a week or two left? ya.. thankyou J.C.!
  5. Jordan: the rash is gone, thanks for the advice though! Cham Cham: Thanks! I hope so too haha
  6. IM SO HAPPY! I've officially been off of accutane for four days... now i know most of you think that four days isnt enough to see a change, but shit, i feel so much better, and imo... look alot better... my lips are no longer like... falling off... my eyes are no longer red and swollen from being so dryed out... my skin isnt all red and blotchy... my rash is gone, and even my red marks are fading.... kinda... slighty... wutcha think? ON ACCUTANE.......... and off accutane......
  7. im done, im finished, fuck accutane im not taking another pill in my life... i was nearing the end of my course, and now i see that it has just destroyed my skin... Im leaving this site, and im quitting accutane... its over, bye. The circle on my neck shows the painful rash I have developed due to accutane. this wasn't how things were supposed to be...
  8. if your makin some good money, then why take the risk? maybe gets some more experience before you hit it real big??
  9. i know EXACTLY how you feel kanmi! i have skin tags on my neck also... which i am very self concious of... and i have sooo many nasty ass scars thanks to tane.... ohhhh when will the madness end??
  10. those pics are quite old, they lie... my face is fucked up and red and shitty.. oh and btw i've been on tane for almost 5 months.. i think im just going to quit, things have gotten so worse... fuck...