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  1. ...i'm so happy 4u! it's nice to hear success stories on the board and share them.....i also live in NY....finished with accutane 3 months ago and was left with scars and redmarks.....which spa did u go 4 ur facial treatment?
  2. thanks "MCastillo" for the reply...never heard that product before...which one are you using and how long did it take for you to see the result?
  3. ...hi there, any suggestions for my acne scars and marks? i'll have to wait a few more months to get anything invasive but any suggestions for now is appreciated...thanks in advance!
  4. ...i'm in the same quest of a great doctor in new york! any new yorker's out there who knows a good doctor to treat acne scars?
  5. HaJo

    My Last Hope...

    On Sotret (isotretinoin) 40mg daily
  6. ...i started august 06 and finished march 07, my face completely cleared up but 3 weeks after completion, the oiliness is back and getting little spotson the face and back....where on the same boat and if i have the opportunity, i would go with my derma for a second round... ....i dont have insurance yet at the moment and u know the costs of the bloodworks and medications... ....good luck 2u!
  7. ..hi to all! i just wanna ask if any of u have tried "Pure Deming Intense Gel" with success in getting rid or at least fading the red marks left by acne? ...my order just arrived and i cant wait to use it tonight.... ...hope 2 hear from you guys!
  8. ...just consult with your dermatologist, ur very young and don't wanna take risks for something that might make the situation worse....btw, why 10 weeks? school or special occasion coming up? lol! ..if u could post pictures of yours, we can have more suggestions to make...good luck!
  9. ...hi there, im a 'post tane user, finished 2months ago...my skin got clear at the end but lately, my face is getting very oily, like the way it was before...pores has gotten bigger and bacne has come back... ...the texture of my face is "leathery" again....i am still using cetaphil face wash, i stopped the cetaphil moisturizer since it makes me breakout.... ...my scalp is oily again and im afraid my dandruff will come back...... .....any suggestions?