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  1. diane_4

    neck before accutane

    From the album: accutane progression

    Here is my neck before accutane. As you can see it is still very swollen from the infection and really gross and peeling from the glycholic. Hopefully this accutane stuff will really work.
  2. I will post pictures soon. I have a different gallery where I posted before pictures b/c I am supposed to start accutane in 2 weeks but my skin is clearing up. I mean it is clearing up like crazy. My acne is mainly toward the bottom of my face and neck. Stress related acne tends to start on your forehead but hormonal acne is generally on the lower part of your face and neck, basically the lips down and sides of face. I did some research and found out that people drink so much milk and milk is co
  3. diane_4

    Before Accutane

    From the album: accutane progression

    I am posting a few photos before getting on accutane. I start accutane in just a few more weeks and will post a few more pictures the day before I start accutane. So far I have had months worth of extractions done, glycholics and chemical peels. These procedures caused an infection under my skin causing my neck and face to swell to the point that I was sent to the hospital because the swelling was affecting my breathing. Now I am only aloud to wash my face with water for the next few weeks until
  4. diane_4

    accutane progression

    accutane progression
  5. From the album: accutane progression

    chest before accutane
  6. From the album: accutane progression

    left side before accutane
  7. From the album: accutane progression

    Right side before accutane.