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  1. DesertRose


    I've never heard of a Benzoyl peroxide wash. Or do u mean sacylic acid?? Try St. ives medicated wash......its really good. It has Sacyclic acid.
  2. yeah, she for sure has eyeliner on. I checked out one of her other videos where she's all done (make up and all).....i think she shud stick to the "just woke up" look
  3. DesertRose

    accutane and contacts.

    I'm on my second month and I have absolutely no problem wearing contacts. I have however, occasionally experienced a bit of dry eyes after watching a lot of television (while wearing my glasses), but nothing a drop of visine cant handle.
  4. DesertRose

    tea tree oil toner has worked miracles for my skin!

    Personally, tea tree products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) and the oil did absolutely nothing for me. (I got them from body shop). I was so hyped when i first bought everything tea-trea........now I'm very much of a skeptic.
  5. DesertRose

    My new addiction

    Hey, I got the corioliss too.........not a lot of people know about it, but its AMAZING! Gets my course, curly hair straight with one glide....no repeats!! I love my curly hair though, so I only straighten once in a while, just for achange.
  6. DesertRose

    olay microdermabrasion kit, will it help?

    I agree! Personally, I think microdermabrasion works best for non-troubled skin to soften and renew the skin. It wont do much for marks. I've gone through countless microdermabrasion kits, with minimal results.......all I got was the soft skin. I dont want to discourage you though........everyone's skin is different so it might work for you. What has helped me a great deal with my redmarks was to give up all topical acne treatments (darkened my face), go on accutane...and use 14% glyco
  7. DesertRose

    who's had success with hydroquinone?

    Excellent post I would REALLY like to know too. I live in Canada so I have access to 4% hydro without requiring a prescription....used it for a bit but havent noticed any improvement......but this could be because I havent been using it consistently.
  8. DesertRose

    Severly Chapped Lips---HELP

    Hi there u sound exactly like me........the lips become so dry and peely, and u can actually rub off the dry skin in the shower. And the process repeats the next day. What has worked for me.............BLISTEX!! (the one in the orange tub). I love it! I've learned that if u dont rub off the dead skin in the shower, then nothing u put on ure lips will make it better, because the tough shedding layer will make your lips impermeable to any moisturizer. So I say, keep rubbing it off.............bu
  9. DesertRose

    TCA Latte

    before i read your replies, I applied some on my back last night..................nothing has happened. does the difference in PH make your back less sensitive or more sensitive to such peels??
  10. DesertRose

    TCA Latte

    So i finally received my order today. I was hoping to use the Latte on my back and shoulders.......but on the instructions, it keeps mentioning FACE in block letters, like its not meant to be used anywhere else. does anyone know whether I can use it on my back?? Also, do u experience the tight, wrinked feeling right before the skin peels?? I really hate the wrinkly skin effect and its what puts me off from using peels
  11. DesertRose

    Anyone tried StriVectin or mederma???

    Mederma is a huge waste of $$$ I went through three tubes..............didnt notice ANY difference.
  12. DesertRose

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!! hydroquinone side effect?

    Magic bird, sorry to hear abt that Hydroquinone is very irritating to the skin and is not meant to be used for more than a month or two. It makes the skin very sensitive, so when u stop using it, u r prone to hyperpigmentation (especially if u have non-caucasian skin and using high strength formulas), then u get back on it to get rid of the hyperpigmentation....its la vicious cycle. I suggest you stop using the hydroquinone all together. Your skin texture and hyperpigmentation around your m
  13. DesertRose

    HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!! hydroquinone side effect?

    Wow...PAPAYA....gonna try this! wouldnt an enzyme peel be more potent?? I use one sold at shoppers (for those in Canada)....one of the enzymes is from papaya. The life brand costs 14 bucks....and it last forever.
  14. Hi there I find that using a moisturizer that gives the skin a matte look helps with concealing red marks.......it wont totally hide them like makeup ofcourse, but makes them less prominent. My favorite is Normaderm Anti-Imperfection Hydrating Care by Vichy. When I'm not wearing makeup, I feel self conscious if I'm not wearing this moisturizer...thats how good it is. Not only does it tone down red marks ....it also tightens pores and gets rid off shine. I find that oily skin highlights red