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  1. stillacne

    Make up

    Use non-comedogenic makeup. Check the packaging. Actually, use non-comedogenic moisturiser, and non-comedogenic sun screen as well.
  2. Good luck English_Rose, I am in similar age bracket. Also suffering acne for decades. I hope you have a great result with treatment plan. Just to give you my story: I have to admit that it was never very severe, but it's still every now and then. I wish I was prescribed roaccutane back in my teens (90s). Anyhow, I only had super-low dosage 5mg / day few years back. Good results afterwards. Except few months ago, I had the worst acne of my life (worse than my teens or 20s) . Back t
  3. I feel you pain, I am older than you, and still having issues with acne. I don't get many big one, but their scars last.
  4. Saw Palmetto is not really a medication. It's pretty much a natural herbs that blocks DHT.
  5. What about your make-up? Do they cause acne or are they hygiene? Do you use clean facial towel just for your face (after washing)?
  6. I would like to point out: Many people whose acne were cured by Roaccutane/Accutane won't be bothered posting back. Many people tend to over-exaggerate their acne situation as well as exaggerate side-effects from Roaccutane. I wish I was able to try Roaccutane when I was at your age. (My life was hell due to my evil mother.) Now, almost 40, I only started my very first course of superlow dosage earlier this year. I am no expert, but is your depression caused by or related to acne?
  7. Thank you for everybody's post and support. Most people who don't have acne after their teen don't really understand the emotional issue caused by acne. Just some updates on Roaccutane/Accutane. It has been worked very well, and dermatologist decided to lower it down to 2.5mg/day (from 5mg/day). I hope the treatment can go well and last. This is my first time on Roaccutane/Accutane. To be fair, my acne was never severe, but still have acne. And I still regret that I did not get into Roaccutane/
  8. stillacne


    Sorry to hear your trouble. I am understand your pain. My suggestion is to start with your facial wash... Some facial designed for acne and dry your face with a clean facial towel, don't use the one for trying body, and do replace the towel and pillow case regularly.
  9. Roaccutane/Accutane helps reduce red marks and some scars, but won't get rid of them completely, according to my dermatologist.
  10. Not many. What is more disappoint (to me, as I still have adult acne): while in public, most teenagers don't have acnes, hardly any severe ones. Well, those lucky ones who don't have acne don't bother coming to this acne.org forums. (Just like many previous members here don't bother returning back once they had their face cleared.
  11. Ae1976, I can understand your frustration. I am about the same age as you. Male. Also suffered acne for about 25 years. Although not severe, I still have acne popping out every now and then. No longer a teen, it is still very frustration. I finally started Roaccutane (super-low dosage 5mg) for the first time late February this year, and still on. My dermatologist said that I might need to be on low dosage Roaccutane for as long as it take.
  12. Job interview? Depends on your age and what sort of job you are applying. Good makeup can cover up acnes if needed. You might get people staring at you... especially working with kids, those so-called "innocent" kids can make some very hurting remarks. Problem in my life caused by acne? Depression. Looking at other teenagers on the bus or at mall or even the one interviewed by TV crew showing on huge tv, I see many smooth skins, or just some minor acnes the one that won't leave any scars while
  13. Rosewater, If you are in Sydney, I will give you a hug. Thank you for your writing. I think I should provide a quick update: I am on my 5th month of Roaccutane/Accutane, taking a low 5mg dose each day (although I do missed a few days). During the first month, my acne got worse. After 2nd month, there are hardly any "noticeable" acne on my face, still some minor blackhead on my face. My back was still pretty bad. (I always had bad acne on my back. Lucky I don't have acne on my chest or neck.) At
  14. Dana, During your 3-year super-low dose, did you also follow no vitamin A rich food etc?