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  1. Just last week, after a long day I washed my face and then looked in the mirror to find that I had vicious red acne marks all over my face. Usually they are pretty calm but it had been a long day spent outside mostly in cold weather. When I woke up the next day it was as if they never existed but, wow, it looked like I had a disease. What do you do when cold weather sets your acne scars aglow? Sure, I was also slightly dehydrated, had some sun exposure mid day, but I'm thinking that the cold w
  2. I'm not sure how much this fits into this discussion board, but here goes. I've been noticing lately that my period is lighter than usual. I'm 22, and I know that it's typical for women to go through changes in their cycle every so often. It's just that I've also noticed my skin getting worse as well. I've especially been experiencing more cystic acne and nodules. After the first day of my last period, the inflammation seemed to go significantly down in the acne I had. It was like most of th
  3. I've seen from .5% to 3% so I was wondering what those who used salicylic acid as treatment had. What product is it? How sensitive is your skin?
  4. For those of you who drink a mix of lemon juice and water to help your acne, how much lemon juice do you usually consume in a day? I thought I'd add it to my regimen since a) I heard it helps detox and that's one of my main issues and b) my parents have a lemon tree so it's a very accessible product.
  5. Note to self: Never wear halloween makeup again. eyeliner, okay. lipstick, fine. That stupid white makeup that's supposed to be goth makeup? It kind of just all collected in my pores after a while so I had dots all over my face. I ended up wiping most of it off. I'm pretty pale as it is and since I put a little black in my hair and lots of eyeliner around my eyes, it really kept the effect. I really didn't like putting that stuff on my face though. Not again, ever.
  6. For the past... 3 days I've had some trouble with my face and neck. Not breakouts, but dryness issues. It got a little windy over the weekend and my skin was suffering from it. My skin was coming off in little flakes and I putting anything on my skin stung. My skin is doing much better today, but I think I may need to change to liquid makeup for the fall and winter season.
  7. Okay, update. I promised that I'd talk about my appointment that I had today. So, she came in and said "you are doing better" after I'd told her assistant upon being called on for my appointment that I felt like my face had improved. I didn't really notice until she'd pointed out that the left side of my face has smoothed out. Being in a shared living environment for the last three months (approx.) I haven't taken much notice in my appearance beyond basics. It was even a surprise to me when I vi
  8. To Karma89: I really do feel weird putting two different topical medications on my face. I do only put one on in the mornings and one at night though. Did you use differin cream too, or did you use the gel? The Derm prescribed the cream for me because my skin is so sensitive. I don't really know why she gave me that one in cream and not the duac gel in cream form. Is it available in anything but gel? The Duac gel actually has that stuff that you mentioned, clindamycin. It's 1% clindamycin and
  9. So, update. I'm a little disappointed with my face right now. I haven't gotten to a point where I completely hate how my face looks, fortunately, but I've got zits. On my chin, mostly. There's nothing big at least. I have to say one thing, I haven't had any bad inflammation since I've been on my new regimen. It's really helped with redness. And I'm REALLY trying not to pick or touch my face. It's not that easy sometimes, mostly the touching my face thing. I've really got to stop touching my chi
  10. Um, nothing particularly new. I decided to keep using the makeup I have right now. In the beginning I was having some problems with applying everything in a way that it would blend properly, but now I've manage to apply everything well enough. And it's not so easy since most of the time I'm literally applying my makeup and skin products in the dark due to my roommate who sleeps in longer than me. I really need to get a hand held mirror so I can go in the other room and have light. Hey, anyone
  11. I almost forgot that I was keeping this log... woops. The day after my last post, my face improves dramatically. The pustules really went down. I've been really busy with school for the past week, so I haven't paid that close attention to my face. I have been outside a lot this past week. I haven't been in a car since Sunday and I've been walking everywhere I need to go. Since it's Arizona, it's very hot outside and we've had some rain so it's hot AND humid. Plus, it's sunny but I've been applyi
  12. Quick update. Nothing new except that the pustules seem to be in the process of healing. I try not to touch them, but the top layer of skin on them seems to be dying so they will soon be gone. One of them, a particularly BIG one, popped in my sleep and now my pillow has a stain . I did not pick though! I'm very proud of myself. The Duac this morning was fine. I tried to apply it more carefully and blend so it wouldn't leave a white mark on my face.
  13. It's not so easy to feel grown up in my life, and acne has NOT made it any better. I have tried many things in the past, they sometimes seemed to work until I had an explosion of inflamed pimples, or very red skin due to irritation. I should probably explain my situation a bit before I continue: I am very sensitive. When I was younger I was tested for allergies, just some common things that can be found here in good old Arizona . Everything I was tested for, I had a reaction to. Yikes! If t
  14. I went to the dermatologist for the first time today and she prescribed Solodyn as well as Differin and Duac topical gel. I haven't tried any medication before for acne (just cleansers and topical stuff) so I'm really hoping this'll work.
  15. I just got this book from the library with hundreds of reviews on skin care and cosmetic products. It's the 6th edition (not sure if there are later ones) so it's a few years old. The book is by Paula Begoun. I've noticed that a lot of people on here have her products so I thought I'd look into what she has to say. Anyone else read this book? I've only skimmed through it a little bit so far and I'm finding some of the information useful already.