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  1. Guys you know I check out NYC derms, the famous ones, just for the balls of it sometimes. I ask myself. "Why doesn't NYC's premiere laser derm use fraxel or PSR? Maybe she's too heavily invested in other lasers or what keeps her from it? I'm gonna try to get her to answer me. hehe, and if I score I'll tell what she said.
  2. I love drinking vodka, mostly with ice & lime but a shot of cranberry is great too. Just keep it moderate no more than 20 a weekend, JK. Getting smashed once awhile with FUN friends is my advice but make sure that the atmosphere is carefree & fun.
  3. If scarring is the issue --- and not active acne also --- then I think 60% less scars is doable. You need some money. Focus on techniques that improve the texture etc as well as the scars so that "your skin looks kinda good & healthy IN GENERAL. Its the general perception that counts.
  4. DIET & ACNE has got to be the Most Frustrating of Frustrations. We all know, that what you put into your body, day in, day out, has Got to matter. If it doesn't matter than what use is the science of nutrition? How to control Diabetes? Heart Disease? Blood Pressure? In Fact, how to lose Weight? If diet doesn't matter, then why are there 56,000 books on it at Barnes & Nobles? I don't know the exact answer about Diet & Acne or even Diet & Skin, but at some point there's got
  5. I agree with Lucky Man. But BE CAREFUL, please. There's something very mother nature going on, aspirin thins blood; but getting a nose bleed could mean blood pressure is levelling off or some clotting thingy, as Lucky Man posted. You could be aspirin sensative. Just be careful re all these things. That's all I can safely add.
  6. In a way, that's a key question (that I never thought of): WHAT IS THE USE OF ACNE? IS IT SOME EVOLUTIONARY STEP? but 4 what?
  7. Skinceuticals makes a product called "FOAMING CLEANSER." It's 5 oz, but I think it will last at least a month, maybe more, I'm not sure. The directions say to use it twice a day. It's very cool; its in a see-through plastic bottle & looks pure liquid but when you press down to use it it comes out in your hands as Foam, like shaving cream foam, but tons lighter. My wife got it for me --- I'm totally fair skin, but my take on it is that sometimes you need a real soapy tougher cleanser, l
  8. I recall this guy here who had fraxel for his scars & he was very honest & said it was GREAT. His name was FloridaGuy I think. It had Florida in it. Check his posts.
  9. Ah, MY FIRST KISS, wow, I was in 8th grade, 13 yr old pup, and I had an incredible crush on this girl Judy. It was a fantastic night in May and I asked her for pizza, trembling like a leaf in a hurricane. After I walked her home & we just stood outside her apt building looking dazed into each others eyes, or maybe I was just the dazed one. It took courage but I leaned closer & just wet her lips. It seemed like 20 mins when it was probly ~10 secs. I was all sweaty and ran home dancing
  10. LOL hey you're spot on. A tough heart & nice skin.
  11. #1 .. LOW Sodium. ~1,000mg a day Max. #2... No meat (occasionally & only a small portion) w/ FISH as your main "everyday" protein source, but ONLY A SMALL portion. #3 .... VEGGIES & MORE VEGGIES. #4 .... FRUITS. Exercise, mostly aerobic, like intense walking, treadmill, etc. #5, Stay Lean. IOWs, its a LOW SODIUM, HIGH POTASSIUM Diet, w/ some exercise to help keep sugar levels low and keep you lean. There are lots of supplements you can take also, but that's another chapter. I want
  12. I HATE the feeling of any cream/gel on my face, and it took a long time to find a sun block thats tolerable, but I do use a "mositurizer" now for a long time & its great. Its made by TWINLABS (which is also the best vitamin/nutient comp) and its called Na-PCA w/ aloe vera. Wet your face a bit spray some in your hands & plunk it on your face. Let it just dry. It's totally NOT oily & it works. ps: I think guys love this & women don't.
  13. I'm not sure if this belongs here but a while ago someone suggested a financial fund, and I thought it was a great idea, but the board concluded it was too impractical & too un-manageable. Man, is that it? Something that's tough to do right leaves a lot of guys still hurting. My offer still stands, I WILL get some derms / PS --- in NYC --- to reduce their fees. And I'm ~85% sure I can do that.
  14. Man that's a great idea. Also, I'd have no problem asking NYC derms to REDUCE their prices for acne.org patients in my area. Even w/out this, it's a great idea.
  15. There are some caring derms now just like you would be but I think skin problems are incredibly complex even though it doesn't seem like acne should be hard to cure.