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  1. Hi Michiganmom,  how is your lump doing?  It sounds like from one of your posts that you went to a different dr to treat the lump?  

    The dr who did my subcision would not inject cortisone into my lump, he said it was too risky (may cause an indentation)

    I am not even massaging anymore because it caused me to breakout.  I am still recovering from the pimple as a matter of fact!

    1. michiganmom


      Its much better! 3 kenalogs kater from my wonderful skin doc. Now 3 more lasers, im finally hapoy w my skin. :)))

    2. fory0608


      OMG just saw this message!  That is incredible!  I am so happy for you.  You had quite the lump.  Please tell me who the Dr was that did your kenalog and laser.  Exactly what laser was it.?? Did the needle hole go away?? My needle hole is what bugs me the most!! I am going to contact your laser doctor I think!!!!

  2. Hi utter, hows the healing coming along. It looks like you will have good results. Might have to battle hyperpigmentation for a while though. Please keep us updated w pics and results. I hope the best for you!
  3. My skin hates retin a, ive tried so many times because i like the way its helps w texture but the endless nodules never seem to go away for me either.
  4. Idk, some were very harsh to OP. Arent we here to support each other. A flaw is a flaw. Scar a scar..come on guys, lets be real. Some have it worse than others, yes. But isnt that always the case for everyone. OP, dont give up. And many have needed more than one subcision. I think your skin is fine, your a good looking guy. And guys dont fit the need for perfect skin as much as women in society. Try to relax and live life before your battling wrinkles and old age hahaha lol
  5. I can attest, nothing will remove ice pick unless u excised or crossed. And reviews on the exchange for one scar to another are a mixed bag.. the jury still seems to be out. But, lasers, peels, needling..nope wont help unfortunately
  6. I would never do it myself unless of course i was a facial plastics or the like. Please be careful. If your set on it, try one very small area away from sight... i would avoid temples and chin,jawline...
  7. Do you have pic. Its more helpful.scabs can stay in at least a week, the longer the better. Not sure why some are still white? After scabs come off, use a good recoverygood recovery serum or cream!
  8. Hi Op, i am the same as you. My family and close frienda think im a basket case and they cannot believe the things i put myself through. In normal light and makeup most of mine are barely noticeable. But i hate wearing makeup and i am too a perfectionist. And yes, i probably do need a therapist. I would never slight anyone who feels they have something wrong or bothersome to them, because at the end of the day, pain is pain, no matter what caused it
  9. Op, im sorry for all of us maybe subcision aggravated it. With the stress and all.... try to not look in mirrors, keep busy, relax! Stress only exacerbates the condition. And no matter what, try really hard not to touch any of them unless they are obviously oozing you know, then just gentle pressure. Try to exercise and eat clean... stay strong, look no ones perfect... we all get old and die, if we are lucky enough. At the end of the day do u really think people care about our skin? And if "tho
  10. Well, i am now on topicort, massage at least 2 times a day, and i did a round of kenalog. Its looking better but my good laser doc said its gonna qoute "take a shit ton of time" hes the only one who has been able to help my skin. Fingers crossed...
  11. Your subcision has healed way better than mine, do u know what size needle was used? Who did yours again? The lump, well what caused it? I imagine it must have been an angry red nodule at some point, probably now remnants of sebacous cyst. My doc blasted a left over lump from cystic acne a while back w several different laser modalities. One was bbl, one was acne, and one was for redness, rosacea. He loves zapping in different modes to hit it all. And after 3 treatments it was gone forever. Mayb
  12. Dudley, are u ever going to give us legit glimpse of befor and after. It may make you more credible... just a thought!
  13. I would occasionally get those too. Its just the results of inflammation. Similar to scar nodule, but mine always went away. It would take forever though..months. dont touch them, sometimes aha or retin a can help speed along.