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  1. Is ACV supposed to burn? I've been too chicken sh*& to try the 1:1 mixture. I've been mostly doing the 1:4 (vinegar to water) and I've never felt it burn. ha. Am I doing it correctly? How do you know if you are using the right amount? My skin is uber sensitive so I'm a little too nervous to try a 1:2 mix. I tried less water tonight and still no burn.
  2. Well I think you started off with too much ACV. I did it twice and it hasn't burned me. Try diluting it with more water. maybe a 1:7
  3. thanks. so far no break out. hope it goes well.
  4. I've read for ten mins and that's what I started doing.
  5. Since I have been reading all the rave about ACV, I decided to try it out last night. How many applications a day, week should I do? Also, I was planning on doing the Baking Soda and eventually the egg mask. So far I've only tried the BS mask and it helped get rid of my flakes. Will try just BS and ACV for about a week or two before I introduce the egg mask. So...how many times do I apply it?
  6. Yesterday I had posted about excessive dryness...well today I wanted to let you all know that it is gone. NO MORE flakes. And it pretty much happened overnight. This may be beginners luck but I hope it lasts. I exfoliated with baking soda and water and it worked. I tried it last night and noticed results right away. I did it again this morning and it worked. NO FLAKES! I also began using ACV last night- don't know if that had anything to do with it but I am FLAKE FREE!
  7. I heard scrubs are not good for acne prone skin.
  8. Help! My skin is peeling. I am now a full month into the regimen and my skin is peeling. For the past few days I have not applied bp around that area and I have even stopped using the cleanser there. I merely splash with water and apply moisturizer- which has now gone up to three to four times a day. My skin is peeling like if I had a tan. HELP! What can I do? So I just read that jojoba oil works wonders for this. Do you all agree? Will it help with the redmarks? It seems like I have been on a
  9. Thanks, Brandy. Will try to keep up with it and not stress it so much.
  10. Stick with it. I know the feeling. It's horrible but think of the end results. Keep working at it and good luck.
  11. Does anyone else always break out in the same areas? I usually get breakouts on my checks...normally one to two spots at a time. Lately it seems like once one side starts clearing up the other side starts breaking out. Anyone have any suggestions?
  12. It finally keep on Friday. I tried it on the red marks and it covered it up pretty well. ONLY problem I have is that I don't but the concealer and foundation all over my face just the areas with acne. When i do this I do notice spots of discoloration. Any idea how to use the products just to cover the acne? Also, am i suppose to put on the concealor/foundation before the moisturizer dries up? Any suggestions on how to apply all these things without appearing like I have make up on? I hate that
  13. I used it for a few days but didn't notice much difference. I don't like looking like I have make on and that green stuff stayed green on me.
  14. I tried the physicans for a few days but I was never too sure how to apply it--i've never used concealers before then. According to the instructions you first apply the green one then the other color. I'm using the Everyday Minerals concealer and love it. It really covers up my spots. Get a sample kit.