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  1. Hi all I have been sticking to a simple regime and it has been working for over a month now. I started taking omega 3 tablets from Holland & Barrett (3 a day) as well as Chromium (2 a day), Apple cider vinegar in the evening (tablespoonful) and working out on my treadmill. I wash my makeup off and run for one mile. I also cut out everything citrus in my diet and it seems to be working wonders. I also use Biore pore cleansing scrub in the morning and evening. And when my skin is a littl
  2. I've been on acutane twice, once when i was about 16 and again last year- I'm almost 21. I have also tried every other topical meds and over the counter creams, cleansers, toners, scrubs etc as well as dermalogica and other natural 'remedies' such as extra virgin oil, apple cider vinegar, green tea etc. The irony is that I dont have oily skin! I get bumps all along my jaw line and a little above that area. My forehead never breaks out, neither does my nose or the main part of my cheeks. R
  3. I suffered from cystic acne which would scar and I started a 2nd course of acutane which has finished. I've been off it since last August. I'm 19. Once I started my course I started my regime plan. I gave up all meat except chicken, I have since given up chicken too. I don't drink fizzy drinks or alcohol and have stopped taking junk food (takeaways) I take these supplements every day- iron capsule evening primrose oil capsule Silica capsule/ sometimes hair, skin and nails formula. garlic c
  4. I finished acutane two weeks ago. My skins is clear but I am getting little pimples on my temples. Has anyone else found this?
  5. when is it safe to start waxing again?
  6. Hey I took my last acutane tablet today. My skin is clear, blackheads gone etc but I noticed that I have fine blonde hair on my chin which I've never had before. It's like vellis hairs but it's pretty noticeable. Anyone else have that problem?
  7. I had beautiful skin last week. Uh oh and i had two tiny bumps and i poked at them and the skin tore away. But it's healing! My lips are bothering me though. They aren;t so much chafing, but some skin hangs off and I pull it off. Has anyone had limp bumps, and when you poked at them hardened stuff came out?
  8. Is the only facial wash that is clearing up my skin and not drying it out. I read that makeup artists use it backstage to remove models makeup and I can believe it. I used my sample tube before in Paris and it cleared my skin up. Stopped using it, returned to Clinique and normal soap and I broke out, gave in and bought the Dior and in 2 days my red marks have faded and no new breakouts )) Give it a try!
  9. YES!! I tried everything and then I found Lancone Gelee (like lip gloss in a gel formula in a glass jar) and it;s the only thing which has worked wonders.
  10. [i'm on 45 mg and I find that my eyebrows are sweating lol and it's cold here quote name=w8549' date='Jun 29 2007, 02:41 PM' post='1930428] hmm interesting... the link that turbosquad mentioned has zinc supplements listed and marked as being known to commonly cause diaphoresis, with the frequency of sweating as a side effect being as high as 50%. so, how many of the people who are experiencing this problem take zinc and in what dosage? personally, i'm taking around 45mg of it a day (15 from m
  11. Hi They aren't cysts anymore thank God, just angry red spots! I only have 3 which isnt bad but I'm wondering if my bad eating this week is to do with it?
  12. My skin cleared up last week. Aloe Vera Gel helped my redness very well. I got a new spot on my cheek but it's clearing up and the side of my face. They are clearing up with my Aloe Vera. I was following a healthy diet, no coffee, dairy products, bad foods etc. This past week I've been eating coleslaw, 3 cups of cofee, fries etc and today I woke up with a spot on my neck (What!), my chin and my cheek. What the hell? I hope I don't have to live on fruit and vegetables all my life to kee
  13. My second month is over on Tuesday and I'm going to see the derm. My skin was AWFUL last week, cysts etc. I've no blackheads and my skin is smooth, no cysts either. It cleared up this week when I started using aloe vera gel at night. The redness is gone and I am 99% clear. I'm also drinking green tea and ACV. I also changed my makeup. I was using Dior foundation, powder etc etc now I use MAC studio fix foundation which covers everything. Think that helps too.
  14. I use it and it's fabulous, I wish I found it sooner. I use the foundation stick in it though, works as good as a concealer.
  15. I used to dread putting my makeup on every morning as it was time consuming and I'd take forever trying to make my skin look nice. I used to use concealer, Dior photo foundation, translucent powder, bronzer etc. And then I discovered a makeup artists best friend, a foundation made by MAC which covers EVERYTHING. I went to buy it and they were all out but I got the next best thing Mac studio cover foundation stick. Seriously, my skin looks flawless with it and it's improving since it isn't sm