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  1. what's up everyone? i used to have mild/moderate acne and went on accutane for 6 months. cleared up all my pimples now i just have red marks which i use makeup to cover up. i have had a few VERY minor pimples in the past couple weeks, but i was wondering. i still have some medications left over, and was wondering what people might recommend? i have clindamycin, and differin. or should i go with some other OTC stuff?? thanks!
  2. Can anyone post some pictures of celebrities with acne? I have heard much of people like Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears having acne, are there pictures available? Thanks!
  3. Hey everyone thanks for the write ups! Let's see. I started my treatment on January 7th I believe, and stopped about a month ago. I'd say about mid-way through my fourth month I stopped getting pimples?? My skin is completely smooth with VERY minimal scarring. Only on close inspection can one see it, and I barely even can. Probably like a millimeter in length or something haha. All that remains now are the red "post" pimple marks. THese are VERY slowly fading with time, so I just use som
  4. Hey Elsa, thanks for the nickname As far as my acne goes, it was all just the red bumps (im guessing that's cystic?) with the occassional whitehead. Gross. Got my first comment on my nice new skin today at work, too
  5. What's up everyone. Well, it's been quite a while since I posted in here! I just thought I'd let everyone know what's been happening. I had mild/moderate acne (patches on my cheeks, some on my chin), and had tried it all of course, like many of you. Prescribed benzoyl peroxide cream, Minocycline, and OTCs like salicylic acid, BP wash, non irritating soaps, and even tried the regimen (which did help a little, thanks!), but nothing truly helped. So I went back to the dermatologist and brought
  6. I wear powder makeup and I am on Accutane. I feel like killing myself. I hate everyone.
  7. Hi, does accutane work better/faster without lotion? Does it matter? Thanks!!
  8. Is this a normal side effect? I have developed rashes on the back of both my hands, about 4 weeks into my treatment, is this normal? How can I get rid of it? Just lotion? Thanks!
  9. Hi I know this is way random, but for all people in cali- Did any of you receive the letter in the mail about the california lawasuit? About buying MS products, and now we are going to be getting refunded (partially)? If so, does anyone remember when the suit was going to take place and when we would get our refunds? Reading the last thread about the Roche lawsuit brought this up to me. Oh yeah, by the way...I am on my 4th week of Accutane and I am starting be blown away by the results!!
  10. I think anything causes pain could be considered a bad side effect
  11. What's up everyone? I'm on my 3rd or 4th week of Accutane treatment, and have noticed my chest hurts if I tighten it. Is this a side effect of the Accutane?
  12. I have mild acne and was prescribed Accutane. I brought it up to my derm and he said "Ok!"
  13. Hi bro When I used to ice my face, it would dramatically lower acne redness!! Give it a try