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  1. update: it seems i have acne rosacea, and my new dermatologist say it does have a connection with my gut, and we will try to fix it to fix my acne. i have some superficial scars and red inflammation, th right side of my chin looks really bad..
  2. So, I don't know if someone here wants to help me a moment, I hope yes... i just need an advice! So i have been on probiotics now for one month an half, and I have been using acnatac gel (tretinoin + clindamycin) and oral doxycyclin for one week now... My skin had improved before starting the topical treatment, I mean I had no pimples but still had (have!) a lot of red marks on my chin, new blackheads on the face and blind pimples on my temples. But no white headed pimples! but today i fel
  3. azra89

    chin acne

    about 5 months ago my very mild acne started to got worse .....now i have a lot of red marks and a few little scars, the worst side is the right one. I don't know if they're going to fade and when, I've got them for the past 4 months or more...also, I have sensitive skin and dermatitis, suddenly my skin got very strange. I am now on oral antibiotics + topical antibiotics and tretinoin. I also have acne on my back :( Do you think these marks will go away? what can I do? thanks:) hugs from italy!
  4. So, this is the photo of the right side of my chin (every marks is from the last 4 moths, I never had something like that!!! ) [Edited link out]
  5. So i am starting today this therapy for acne: acnatac gel (this is a topical gel -> clindamycin + tretinoin); probiotics; oral antibiotic - >efracea (doxycyclin); a gentle milk cleanser. Also, my pharmacist gave me a small sample of Skinceutical's Phyto Corrective Serum, which i am never going to buy since it's like 60 euros...........but im trying the sample. I am so afraid of antibiotics, but i have to start somewhere. Maybe today I am also regretting I have refused isotretinoin. An
  6. Hi! I know most of the people here deal with worst acne, but what I am desperate for is just not acne, is the fact that my whole body, since ONE YEAR , is driving me crazy, especially with my gut and now, despite all the cures and the doctors and the tests, my whole situation is worse and it happened that my skin also got worse. I got no control of my entire body. I saw that on this forum there was a lot of talking about gut and acne so I came to think that acne was just a symptom and a "spy
  7. Hello everybody, I write here because i am really sad at the moment. I can't stand the situation anymore...the right side of my face is awful........my dermatitis on the face and on my hair is awful too...and traditional medicine has failed with my gut issues.Actually, I just "fired" my gastroenterologist. And I want to go to a functional doctor or an homotoxicologist, I am very depressed, I feel like no one can understand what I have and I don't know where to star (AGAIN AND AGAIN!!) with new
  8. Hi ! I would be very interested in talking to a functional doctor, actually i am looking for one in the town i am living in right now, but it seems there are not so much. But there are some in Italy, thought. The fact is i've spent so much money and talked to so many doctors for my gut issues that I can't anymore. I am so depressed, but I would love to be more positive about my situation and think that its not that bad and that it's just a moment, that it will go better. But you know, in a f
  9. Hi jond! Thank you for answering , I'll check the video. Which was your gut problem eventually? How did you cure it? Was it a food intolerance? I am sometimes sure that it is, but don't know which food has aggravated so much my situation....
  10. Hello everybody!! I am an Italian girl, 25 years old, I am writing on this forum as I am getting obsessed by my recent break out :Ive always had, since I was 14 ,a Moderate acne, on my chin, and a more important acne on my back. I had also on my chest but growing up it has become very mild and most of the time this part is clean. Now, I never really cared about my face because it was moderate And I did not want to spend money on dermatologists, BUT in the last 2 months it has got worse, pimples