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  1. I know this topic is very old. I will hazard a response anyways... I have been using the red light for several years now. I find it is best for faster healing of lesions. I have not known it to solve melasma. However, it may help the dark spots left by lesions be of shorter duration. I also believe it may aid the skin in having a more youthful, plumper appearance, being in my 40's now, having suffered much cystic acne damage over the years, & having been a smoker in the past. I still h
  2. Well, I have received all my lights, started treatment. It will take weeks to determine the effects. However, I have also bought cold pressed, organic hemp seed oil, and have already attained positive results. As a moisturizer, it really seems to calm the output of oil on my face. There have been a few posts in here about it, and I read in other places online about it's positive affects on the skin. I went through 8hrs of job training the other day, only needed topical powder twice. Versus
  3. I've been using cerave foaming facial cleanser for a couple months now, since after I started breaking out badly again. It has really seemed to help. Is around 12 bucks USD. I tried cetaphil back in the day, and basis liquid. Did not like them. The basis irritated my skin. Cerave makes a non foaming for drier skin. In case anyone else is looking.
  4. Just ordered a green handheld led light from led man. I wondered if anyone else in here suffering sun damage/melasma has done this treatment? I went with led man for this purchase because the green panels in the right nanometers were too hard to find. After emailing back and forth, he was actually kind enough to link me to a Monday special so I could get ten bucks off. So, he was actually great to deal with. If anybody in here has done green light therapy, I would love to hear their experi
  5. You can look up Milady's Aethetician Series: Aging Skin on Google Books if you like, or search on that title on google and add light therapy... Also LED man has similar information on effective nanometer range for light therapy... That way you can google search led panel plant light 415-480nm or whatever the range is for red, and get a full face sized panel. I just found two online one blue, one blue/red led mix the blue @450nm the red @660nm, each was under $37.00 Some sites will list the na