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  1. Hey, i've been using this for about 5 days and my face complexion seems much more even. Is this from the eucarin at all? Have been using minimal BP
  2. I would personally carry on with the CSR since you're clearing, then use Bio-oil every day to clear the red marks and scars Dermatologists are no doubt gonna be sceptical about any regimen you find on the internet, but dan's advice is obviously working so keep at it
  3. Well about 5 days ago i was desperate to start so i used some of my old panoxyl 10% and put on a whole finger full. Absolutely diabolical, my face was swollen like a bastard and very dry. So i bought some 2.5% the day after, but i had an awful moisturiser so my face began to crack up. I stopped the regimen for 3 days and just moisturised. Today was my first day back in year 13 and my face was really dried up with residue of shite moisturiser now I have just bought some oxy on the spot ( as i
  4. I'm currently using panoxyl 2.5% BP gel, and have been using it for about 3 days. My face seems red a lot of the time and my eyes watery! should i order some of dan's BP gel and see what it is like? I live in the UK. Thanks a lot, really cant wait to see results!