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  1. grinder, who did ur first derm? what kind of results did u get from the first one and lastly, what type of scars did u have? do u have any before and after pics? any deep scars? ty.
  2. hi all. im the original poster. i see theres alot of tension going on lol. thank you all for your stories. i am wondering though if anyone who ISN'T ASIAN OR DARK SKINNED has had any results (good or bad) with dr. y, dermabrasion etc. i havent seen any answers yet except from asians and although i greatly appreciate sword etc. responses, i am not asian so i really cant relate to the experience or fear the same type of results since my skin is not olive or dark. so if anyone else can help me out
  3. ok back to the question i asked u about your scars mark?
  4. ive never heard of that being a side effect either but i havent researched it. mark, you dont look like you even have any scars. im sure its just the pic but can u describe what your scars look like and where they are?
  5. thanks so much for all your replies mark, truth be told, your info has helped me more than ANYONE ELSE who has replied to my post and you havent even had the damn procedure! lol. no sarcasm here, i am very serious about being thankful for your advice. i was told i needed a full face done. ive also had a full face co2 laser done in 2005 and kid you not, looked exactly the same after healed. to the point where family i see weekly didnt notice i had anything done. however, i dont have any scars wha
  7. hi i have posted these pics before but was kinda all over the place with my questions lol. i have been seriously considering dermabrasion. i have been reading about dr. y's experience through members of this board and from what i hear, he is the best there is. the problem is that he is more than twice as much as a dr who is only about an hour away from me as opposed to 5 hrs away. everyone i have consulted with near my area charges bascially the same (half as much as dr. Y) i do realize that wh
  8. i love your stories everyone. lol they are so home hitting! mine isnt much different, its always, "the full co2 laser is the answer to all your scar problems" then its so funny after i tell them i had one and it did 0 for me. lol. then of course they blame the dr. saying he probably didnt go deep enough instead of the damn treatment itself. my followups after the laser were like the other stories, "wow you look fabulous!" lol. funny, my mother in law didnt even know i had anything done 3 weeks l
  9. hey, i already understand what ive read about on here what tca cross is and the percentage of solution etc. but i live in a small town and asked a dr if they did it and they said yes, the do the blue peel? do you know what im talking about? asthethisians do it and it can go from a one layer to a 4 layer depth. basically, what i am saying is that ive had blue peels but never knew they were also known as tca peels. is this true? they said their solution for the blue peel is 30% and i noticed you g
  10. LOL no one anywhere near my area has even heard of tca cross lol. im scared to do it myself. what a pathetic town i live in lol. when i call and ask places if they do needling they act like im crazy. EVERY time and i mean EVERY time i call and ask about dermabrasion, they say yes we do, 100 per session. lol. no matter how much i stress, not MICRO i mean DERM and i explain a surgeon does it not the asthetisan and they scrape your skin its a few grand procedure blah blah, they still say, yes we ha
  11. oh yeah he meant DERMABRASION not micro. i only ask cause alot of others said that derm wouldnt do much for my scars only stuff like subscion etc. so i dont know what to think. i know all about what its like for the healing process since i had that co2 remember? that was really hardcore and i had no results lol.