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  1. Ahhhhh!! I've been lazy with this log, but I'm on DAY 91!!!! Just into my fourth month. My skin is definitely better. Haven't had any major breakouts within the last several weeks. My pores are definitely still clogged in places, but there's definitely been a significant reduction in blackheads. I have patches of tiny whiteheads(?) that need to come out - they are trapped under the skin and I'm not touching them. Side effects -- dry lips (ouch!!), dry eyes (just got eye drops). Hanging in
  2. Thanks to all of you for your support!! I saw my derm and she said she usually sees the turnaround in the third month...and that she will keep me on for five months minimum, so there is some time. After getting a ton of injections, my face is looking a lot better and hurting less. I'm starting to notice the giant pores even more and the scarring is there...so that's a long term goal. Day 54 -- nothing major to report. pores still clogged with blackheads, some have little things sticking out of
  3. And here I am at Day 50, STILL actively breaking out. Ugh. New giant thing on my forehead, again. It's red, it hurts, and I want it to disappear. Still about the same side effect wise, no major changes.
  4. I'm having a similar experience. I'm about midway through month 2. But I am not giving up!!
  5. Well, I mean, it's best to take Accutane with a high-fat meal, so.....
  6. Day 43 Soooooo.....yeah. Another day, another deep cyst/nodule/whatever term for it.
  7. I had a nice post type out and it was eaten. Ugh. To paraphrase: I'm so itchy. Everywhere. Face, scalp, arms, legs, back. I had some nice red marks from how bad it was. I'm wondering if accutane is even going to work for me. I know everyone goes through this period, but I just had four giant cysts pop up on my forehead -- one burst today. I know everyone goes through this phase. I still have these weird whiteheads/clogged pores ALL over my cheeks by my nose, interspersed with blackheads t
  8. I buy it online through Amazon -- I bought a pack of three when I started and I use it at least 10x/day. My lips have their days, but I'm noticing that I'm waking up with so much more dryness lately, so I'm using Dr. Dan's before getting out of bed. lol. I'm on day 38, not much new to report. A new cyst near my eyebrow today. I'm hoping it comes and goes as fast as the others have...even though they're leaving so much PIH. The discoloration I know is temporary, but I feel self conscious. I h
  9. omg you look AMAZING. Can't wait until I get to 2 months!!
  10. Day 35!!! I'm five days in to 60mg and haven't noticed anything drastically different so far. Skin report: One new cyst forming on my chin, one under my eye brow --- they aren't noticeable. I'm hoping they go away fast. The other cysts are gone and there's just PIH now. Blackheads still everywhere and I've been so bad about squeezing them out. But that will come to a stop soon. Side effect watch: Skin definitely seems a bit more fragile now. Dryness is about the same. Lips are okay thanks to
  11. Such a great idea!!! I would love a way to track progress, get pop up reminders when I have to do something in iPledge, etc!!
  12. Day 30! Just took my last pill of the first prescription... Tomorrow I start 60mg! I never figured out what happened with the pharmacy, but I was finally able to pick up the new prescription without any problems. I think it has to do with not all of the techs knowing about iPledge or not being able to do anything with iPledge? Oh well. At least I know now that they have to be babysat constantly. Skin status: One cyst healing, one that yesterday was the size of a quarter but is now much bet
  13. Day 27!!!!!! Slight pharmacy snafu. They're claiming that they didn't get my prescription. Derm's office hasn't called me back. My window closes on Sunday. I'm kind of freaking out. Other than that, things are things. I made it through my 48hr no squeezing challenge and I need to go on another one. Right now I only have ONE active cyst...but about 8 million blackheads. They're starting to look like they may just come out of my face any day now which is REALLY exciting. I have some PIH goi
  14. Well now I'm having a similar struggle -- apparently my pharmacy didn't get the script???? It was sent on Monday. My window closes Sunday! I feel you on this babysitting thing....
  15. Officially confirmed to go up to 30mg twice a day starting next week! Yikes!! At least my lab work was good. In preparation, I am going on a no squeezing/picking challenge for the next 48hours. I have several active spots on my face and I'm doing myself no favors with them. I am definitely in the initial breakout phase and it's not fun!! But I will hang in there because the only way out is THROUGH.