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  1. I am on my fifth month of my first course of accutane. I am still getting very minor breakouts but no cysts or nodules, and sometimes I am virtually acne free. Compared to how I was, this is GREAT. But I have a couple of questions: 1. My lips are severely chapped, to the point where I am more concerned about it then my acne now. My doctor only recommends vaseline, but I can't find any portable sized containers. Are there containers out there that are possibly portable sized, preferrably pocket
  2. Mine is about the same as it has been, which might be the worsening effect that is supposed to happen at first. Anyone with experience or an M.D. have an idea how long the worsening period can/usually lasts?
  3. Okay, I have been on isotretinoin (aka accutane/claravis) for about three weeks now, and I have some questions. First, I heard that it can make your skin worse for a time period, and I am wondering how long this will last. Also, I heard it is pretty common to get peeling skin throughout the treatment, I am wondering if this will last the whole time I am on the treatment, or if my chapped lips, flaky skin, and dandruff are mostly due to the winter. Any answers and success stories would be much a
  4. Salicyclic acid did not seem to work back when I tried it, and that was when I had mild acne. But I might try it again because I personally hate benzoyl peroxide.
  5. Thats what I was thinking. But I was not sure if my acne was bad enough to warrant accutane or not. But I have had many failed treatments. But you say it requires close monitoring by my dermatologist. I might be moving soon, would he still prescribe it to me? Is it something you take every day like a pill, or is it something you get at the doctors or what?
  6. I have had acne ever since puberty, and it has been the most psychologically damaging thing in my life. This year I started getting nodules and cysts, so I guess I am classified as a severe case now, though I think I am so used to it now that I hate myself less then I did when I just had mild-moderate acne. For the past year I have been taking minocyclin twice a day, and alternating between using differin and benzoyl peroxide 2.5% every night. For a couple months it worked, at one point I almos
  7. I have this pimple (obviously) on my cheek, but it is pretty unusual. It is not incredibly large, or hard, or anything. But it has been on my face for a couple months now, and it never becomes hard or white enough to pop, and seems destined to be on my face as a medium sized softish red area forever. Now this wouldn't bother me a huge amount. But it happens to be right under a small freckle, which looks kinfa wierd. So does anyone know any way aside from bacon grease or something gross to get
  8. Now I am not gonna go all emo on you guys, but I absolutly avoid mirrors and bright lighting, I usually have a good time but sometimes I just I could hide in a dark room alone forever. And I know the reason I probably have severe acne is because I touch it so much (my forehead is covered with bangs and I never touch it and it is absolutely acne free), but I just can't stop myself from wanting to lash back at the things that cause me so much suffering. I look in the mirror (when I can force mysel
  9. The ones under the eye hurt the most though And they are more likely to enlarge, I usually just stick with the nose.
  10. I am 15 years old, and currently under average height. I am growing fast, and building muscle mass, and I am happy about this. I have moderate acne, and I have tried salycyclic acid, bendroyl hydroxide, murad, nuetrogena, proactive, adapalene, and even apple cider vinegar. I have heard accutane is like the chemotherapy of acne medications, but I read the thing and it said it may stunt bone growth. I don't care if my skin turns yellow and I have to avoid the sun like a vampire, my main worries i
  11. About once a week I squeeze my nose, and the cheeks next to it, to clear it of blackheads. When I squeeze them all this white shit comes out, and my nose feels weird and starts running. The night I do it my face is all red and my pimples are blaringly obvious, but the next day it seems normal except for I have less blackheads. I am not sure how much this irritates the skin, and as for enlarging pores, I have a couple of those on my cheeks but you can't really see them and they heal fast.
  12. Wow, I am a teenager who suffers from acne, and I always had hopes that I would turn 20 and qould be rid of the crap. Now I know that adults get it to, and people in their thirties are getting it. All the years when I am supposed to have looked my freaking best I will have pimples all over my face, and then I will finally get rid of it somewhere in my 40s when I am too old for anyone. Life serves no justice does it?