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    -In school at University of North Texas to become a Clinical Laboratory Scientist. (Yeah i eat sleep and breath school) If i'm not doing anything else, i'm online, and its beginning to become a problem- haha<br />- I have a boyfriend named Marc , he's wonderful to me and believes i'm beautiful from the inside out and always has.<br />- I'm obsessed with oragami.
  1. I dont know anything about calculations but my advice would be: DONT override your skin again with lots of acne products, its like starting fresh when you're done, keep it simple.
  2. I would use a moisturizer from Eucerin, i cant think of the exact name right but i'd put it on right before you go swimming, they make good ones for your face AND body, and if you think its too akward, I use Clinique Cityblock SPF 50 ( i think thats the name) its kinda expensive at 15.00 or so, but its not made for oily skin or anything, i wear it everyday in the morning and it moisturizes well, and pretty much makes a 'barrier' to other things. Chlorine is awful, it dried my skin out BEFORE i
  3. Thank you all very much, YEAH my hair is the size of one pony tail if i did two before. -For the 2 months question, she said that if the high dosage of biotin or prenatal vitamins didnt work or see improvement, i should come in for some tests and to really see. She just thinks its a vitamin deficiantcy etc. -I do have some small scars on my cheeks, but i'm using MD Cleanser at night and it helps a whole lot, plus my skin is still fragile. -The redmarks i still have tiny tiny pink o
  4. YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYESSSSSSSSSSSS I FINISHED. FINALLY! (ok, acutally i did about 3 weeks ago- IHH- i know, but i've been so busy!) I thank God literally everyday for the way my skin is now, everyday no doubt and its humbled me in more ways than i thought. The only problem now is that my hair is falling out, a whole lot! And i HAD NO SIDE effects other than dry skin on a 5 month 80 dossage course. My derm said to take prenatal vitamins for about 2 months then, if that doesnt work to come in for test
  5. OK, so yesterday i went to the derm and come to find out- i only have one month left of accutane. Since i started at 80mg twice a day (and have had that dose now and to the end) but seriously, i'm not expecting SUPER AMAZING results, but the only thing it has done has cleared what happaned to me with differin gel, and i havent broken out really- but my pink marks havent faded in about 3 months!! My skin isnt that dry either, and i still get deep pimples occasionally. All in all my skin still loo
  6. I wanted to share my experience so far, I'm going into my 4th month of accutane at 80 mg a day (its what i started out with, i weigh 115-120) and its the best thing thats happend to me. I've only had dry skin and lips as side effects, and i havent had a pimple in about a month, i just have the red marks which are fading. My skin looks flawless with mineral makeup- I absolutely LOVE it. If you're scared to take this stuff, (if you are capable to take it ) then do it, please. You will be happy.
  7. 1) How bad would you rate you acne out of 10? : 2 right now, before probably 7 2) How long have you sufferd with acne? : 6 Years 3) Are you takeing any medication? ( and what? ) : Yes, generic accutane 4) How old are you? : 21 5) Whats the worse thing someone has said about you acne and who said it? Actually no one has ever said anything mean, it only got really bad this past end of summer 6) Do you have a Bf/Gf? : Yes 7) Do you want a Bf/Gf? : N/A 8) Apprx, how mann spots do you have
  8. I'm curious about this too. My skin just keeps flaking off all the time and i USE jojoba oil.
  9. I got my jojoba oil from GNC, it works really well and the one i had gone to had mulitple brands to choose from.
  10. I have sensitive skin, and even though i am on accutane now, i have discovered that a big part of the reason i broke out was because i washed both at night and in the morning. I've conjured into washing at night only with gentle working products, and in the mornings i put moisturizer where i need it. Already (minus the accutane) I can see a difference in how the skin around my eyes and forehead look. The texture seems to be "healing". I know you could say it is the accutane, but i swear its no
  11. Man i hope you're right, because a lot of the stuff i have is on the near downside to healing.
  12. Ok so I've been on generic accutane for a month now, i started off at full fledge 80mg and i weigh 115-120lbs range. I havent had but a few new pimples every now and then in the time being, nothing huge, like a whole whole lot all at once. Would you say that i've had the IB ? Or is the calm before the storm? I ask because of the amount , and time of everything
  13. I swear i saw it on here just a few days ago. I found one on a pore clogging article but thats not the one i'd like. THANK you... (if someone responds)
  14. I'm just now starting my 4th week of accutane. I havent had any improvements either- before i started the treatment i steamed my face every other day and i think it has helped with the IB....unless i havent gotten there yet Anyways, my cheeks and nose continue to peel and peel and peel- its discusting, even when i use my moisturizer many times (its mixed with jojoba oil to help) My makeup pretty much peels right off after 4 hours......ugh. Keep up the faith though-i hope some good things c