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  1. I understand your frustration and eagerness to develop your own regimen to get our face to clear up quickly, but by using your RAM twice a day, you may be aggravating things by adding new problems, i.e the excessive dryness! Hillary also had a problem with an almost blisterlike irritation (red and seeping) if she used a bit too much or when using every night. What she does in am: Cleanse with Mary Kay Deep Cleanser or 3-in1 Cleansing Bar Mary Kay Day Solution with SPF 15 Mary Kay Oil F
  2. The concentration of the drug is greater in the .1 %. Alesser strenght may be less drying, but take longer to be effective. Are you using a moisturizer during the day? Are you using evvery night or do you have an alternate night regimen? My daughter has had very good success with Retin A micro .1% She had some problems not only with dryness, but also irritation initially. She did a regimen of on one night off three nights, then gradually built up to every night and takes a night off occa
  3. Try Satin Lips from Mary Kay. It is a great product...has an exfolliant and a lip balm that moisturizes up to 10 hours. www.marykay.com/dhutcheson
  4. Try Mary KAy Signature Loose Powder or Mary Kay Time Wise Dual Coverage Powder Foundation. Both are Oil free and do not contain corn starch. No animal testing at MAry Kay either! The Oil Mattifier from MK is a great product, too. My daughter uses all of them.
  5. The role of diet is perhaps becoming more relevant in the treatment of acne. Dr. Nicholas V. Perricoone, a dermatologist has written several books that cover a range of skin care problems from acne to wrinkles, and the adherence to an anti-inflammatory diet is one of the important factors, as well as ingested and topical preparations (medications) When you think about it, acne is an inflammatory process. Anything we can do to decrease the inflammation should help the condition. The food w
  6. The brown spots are probably pigmentations related to healing and will fade with time. In the meantime...SUNSCREEN...it will help keep them from getting darker. Also the Fade Out you spoke of is probably a hydroquinone preparation. They work well. Just be careful in application and only apply to the spots you want to lighten because it will also lighten the surrounding tissue. Good luck!
  7. Try Mary Kay Oil Control Lotion. It provides moisture, but minimizes oil. It should be available in the UK. It costs US $16.
  8. Try using a gentle facial cleanser (lotion or cleansing bar) prior to using your regimen products or prescription products. Using any kind of wipes could be an expensive proposition over time!
  9. My 17 year old daughter has been using RAM for about a month now, with very encouraging results. She did have some initial irritation and breakout, but with every other night use, that subsided. Is now on two nights, off one night. She did have some flaking, which was bothersome to her under foundation, but when we switched her night moistuizer to Mary Kay Oil Free Hydrating Gel, there was vast improvement. Her complexions appears musch smoother, far fewer closed comedones, and the imp
  10. I have been visiting this site for awhile, as my daughter has acne and is using Retin A Micro with good results. I am surprised that none of you use Mary Kay products! The foundations have beautiful coverage, a good range of colors, and the medium and full coverage formulas are oil free. You can get custom color-matched by a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant (samples). There is also a full range of skin care products, including cleansers and moisturizers. The new Oil Free Hydrating G
  11. When using green concealer to neutralize red, apply with a brus or a sponge (preferred). Apply a tiny amount to the back of your hand. Use the sponge to "bounce" some concealer onto the sponge. You do not want to apply to your face so it looks green. Bounce it onto the red areas until it goes gray. Then apply your foundation. Another alternative is to use a foundation that has an olive base. That will also help to neutralize the redness. Good luck!
  12. Some good advice here! Stay away from anything too red/pink. You don't want to enhance an inflamed look. Try to keep cheek color in the neutral range. Keep the color high on the cheeks to create some contour. Avoid doing the whole "apple" of the cheek thing and for heaven's sake no "racing stripes" ! A good coverage foundation will help .
  13. This may be too late for your event, but hopefully can help you in the future. Start with a clean palette...of course. After moisturizing, apply your concealer in a shade similar to your skin tone, then apply your foundation. Try to find a foundation shade that will neutralize your redness. Some women find that an olive based foundation shade will help with this. Avoid foundations that have a pink or red color base...you are just adding more of what you want to cover!! Try finding a foundat
  14. Try using the Mary Kay Time Wise Dual Coverage powder Foundation. It is very finely milled, doesn't cake or clump. Very nice as a finish over foundation or alone, as it is formulated to adhere better to bare skin