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  1. Jenna86, It's probably a good start, but most multi-vitamins just contain the baseline doses of various supplements (to keep you alive). To really improve your acne, you may have to take more of the mentioned supplements. Here are some recommended doses for the average person. Beta Carotene (for Vitamin A) - 25,000IU twice daily Vitamin E - 400IU twice daily Vitamin C - 500mg twice daily MSM - 2000mg twice daily (maintenance dose) Zinc - 40-70mg daily Take all of the above with meals. Make
  2. Before you say you don't like soy milk, try it! Most people who have like it BETTER than regular milk and it's much better for you. You can even buy omega-3 enhanced soy milk (Silk). Good luck.
  3. Yogurt can replace friendly bacteria in your digestive system so that's a good thing. However, milk and dairy in general can actually decrease the amount of calcium in your body. I know that's contrary to the commercials you see on TV, but keep in mind they are paid for by dairy farmers. Milk contains calcium, but not magnesium which is needed for calcium absorption. Many people also have mild dairy allergies that they don't even know about. Sometimes the only visible symptom of a mild food
  4. Well a little background... I am coming from moderate/severe acne with mostly cysts. Over the past 4 years I have been successful in changing my diet, nutrition (including supplements), and lifestyle to greatly reduce the severity and frequency of my acne (severe to mild). I have added the CSR to that over the past month and I'm about 99% clear now. There are few faint red marks from old acne still, but no one can notice them. If this trend continues, I should be 100% clear with no red marks
  5. No, I'm not a dietician. I've just had about 10 years battling acne. After blindly trusting my derm and getting only limited mixed results, I decided to research alternatives myself. I have read many books on acne, diet, nutrition, vitamins, lifestyle, biology, medicine, and other supplements. In fact, I've gotten quite good at recommending diet/nutrition changes to improve other conditions besides acne as well. In this case, I have just listed some information about the supplements that mo
  6. Yes, vitamins/supplements are very safe as long as you don't take crazy doses. You are just supplementing with nutrients your body needs anyway. Also, if you are following the typical American diet, you are probably deficient in various nutrients and you don't even know it. For example, American diets are usually high in omega-6 and 9. We need to lower our intake of those or add omega-3 to balance it out. If vitamins/supplements worry you, I would be happy to suggest specific foods and diet
  7. hahaha - it's not as hard to avoid them as you think. For instance, substitute steak with turkey, beef work pork chops, milk with silk (soy milk), sugar with stevia, soda with water, etc. As for the zinc, glad you got it. I recommend you take 30-50mg/day to start with a meal. Good luck!
  8. Why don't you try adding some supplements to your diet? The best ones for acne are: Zinc, Vitamins A, C, and E, Omega-3, and MSM. Also, you might want to eliminate the following from your diet: refined sugar, red meat, dairy. Those are just general suggestions. With a very specific analysis and much research, I was able to greatly reduce the severity and frequency of my acne. Now, CSR has finished it off. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Rest assured we all know how you f
  9. I wouldn't take the antibiotics or use the topical from your derm. First, you shouldn't alter the CSR until you're clear. Second, I have taken all the antibiotics in the past and they have a lot of negatives. They only work for a short time, cause digestive tract problems because they kill good bacteria too, and they end up making the bacteria resistent to the medication. I recommend you stick with the CSR. I have found that diet and nutrition can play a significant role in greatly reducing
  10. Take some omega-3 and lecithin twice daily with food. They will help maintain normal and healthy sebum production. Also, vitamin E and MSM help your body better produce skin that retains moisture. Good luck!
  11. Take some zinc and MSM. Zinc helps with the healing process and is a natural antibiotic. In fact, a form of zinc is in first aid topicals like Neosporin. MSM is a key building block for skin and connective tissue like joints. However, MSM may take a while to improve your skin since it is used by your body for more "important" areas first. Try taking 10g (10000mg) per day MSM for the first week. Then back it down to 2-4g per day. You can buy it in a powder or pill form. As for the zinc,
  12. I agree. Accutane can be torture while you're on it and there's no guarantee it's going to work. See my above reply for some possible alternatives and excerpts from my accutane experience 6 years ago. Good luck in whatever you decide!
  13. OMG PLEASE!! I really need help. I'm on b5 for almost 3 months and it is not working I didn't mention B5 in my recommendation. I don't believe it works for most people based on my own tests and some research. I suspect it only works for areas of the world where B5 deficiencies are common (ie. asia). B5 was only supported by a single study and has not been reliably reproduced. Try the supplements I mentioned above instead of mega-doses of B5. Let us know how you make out.
  14. VanDaMan, Yes you can have red marks that long. It depends on the type of skin and acne you get, how much damage there is from it, how well your skin heals, and what raw materials are available for your body to build new healthy skin. I suggested some supplements above that can improve your healing rate and healthy skin production. They might be a good start. Take care.
  15. Yes, cod liver oil contains omega-3, Vitamins A, D, and E. I think it also has some omega-6. It will help your skin. However, you might want to change your eating habbits also. Here are a few general rules that can help: 1. No refined sugar - or just a tiny bit after a meal. 2. No red meat. 3. No fried foods. 4. No dairy. These are just generalizations, but if you reduce the number of toxins in your blood, strengthen your liver, and balance out your hormones (with the omegas), you should n