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  1. LexiGunn

    Day 8

    Finally past that first week mark. My skin is definitely improving on my cheeks, the spots are becoming less red and inflamed. Although I woke up this morning with a little breakout on my forehead, but it is nothing to noticeable - to be honest I'm not to worried about the spots on my forehead, mostly on my cheeks is where I feel most vulnerable. I am definitely more sensitive to the sun now and my skin is not flaky but it feels tight and a little dry, but to moisturizing since day 1 has def
  2. LexiGunn

    Day 6

    So I'm almost to that 1 week mark. So far so good, skin is noticeably drier. I can feel my lips are dry, but I am still putting vaseline on which is amazing. My current spots that I had before starting are beginning to fade away, they become zits, and then the next day they are much smaller and less noticeable. I am delighted with these results so far. I don't know if I'm just being paranoid but it seems like my hair is thinner and a lot drier, I have to wash it everyday now. Other than that,
  3. LexiGunn

    Day 5

    Hey everyone. Today marks the 5th day on Roaccutane and so far so good. I woke up this morning with dry skin and I have some slight discomfort in my lower back. My eyes are very itchy so I just used some eye drops. Other than that, my spots seem to be getting smaller and my skin feels a lot smoother than before. Some advice, don't use make-up if you're skin is peeling, it makes your peeling seem more visible and the foundation does not mix in properly. I am keeping up with the moisturizing
  4. LexiGunn

    Day 3

    Hi everyone. Not much to report, but I have noticed slightly drier lips & my skin feels a little dry, but nothing that moisturizer cant fix. But other that that, just keep on keeping on. All we can do is just have a positive attitude and that in the end this was so worth it. Hope you're all having a good day! Dosage: 40m/g per day at night.
  5. LexiGunn

    Day 1

    Hello. My name is Lexi & I am 17 years old. I have been battling with moderate acne for about 3 years now. This is actually my second time on Roaccutane. The first time it cleared completely within 6 months. But, until recently it began to come back. So now here I am, back for round 2... Lets see how it goes I guess we are all here for the same reason - we want clear skin! But other than that, we want to feel comfortable and not have to worry about how bad our skin is looking. I
  6. Hello. This is actually my second blog on this website. My name is Lexi, an I am 17 years old. I guess we are all here for the same reason - we all want clear skin. Not only to look better, but to also feel better. I was on Roaccutane last year for about 6 months until my skin cleared up so I was advised to stop the course. But until recently my skin has been getting gradually worse. I believe that I have mild acne, and I started Roaccutane because I just want to feel good again insid