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  1. For some of us Accutane only has short-term results, for me it only worked whilst taking the drug.
  2. Hi, I've no advice to give really, I just wanted to wish you luck, you have the right attitude to varying the dose to match the oil production in my view. Just one thing drop that silly Filament rubbish, they're comedones, or blackheads as we all know them, light bulbs have filaments well at least they used to until they all went low energy style. Good luck
  3. Yes a really low dose works very well at keeping sebum production at normal levels, it was nice not having greasy hair too.
  4. Thanks, I've only seen a possible link of CFS/ME and Accuntane mentioned a couple of times before, so who knows.
  5. Blimey five years passed by rather quickly. Just a short update from me, in previous posts I mentioned my depression, well it turns out that myself and the doctors where wrong, I've got ME/CFS that has ground me down to a crawl for the last five years and shows no signs of getting better any time soon. I really don't know if Roaccutane is the cause of my illness, had I known I could be as ill as I am now I would never have taken it, it just isn't worth the risk, and to top it all I still hav
  6. Well said, this thread has just reminded me why I stopped visiting this forum.......
  7. I don't wear eyemakeup and have had Milia so your post is incorrect and misleading. I've removed all my own Milia/ whiteheads without any problems so yet again your other post is incorrect and misleading. Of course like me you are entitled to voice your opinions on here just like me, and it is up to the individual to make up their own mind, one thing I would say is that as you do this sort of thing for a living you have a vested interest in getting people to go to a professional and part w
  8. Good informative post Ryan. A lancet is only needed for enclosed comedones or spots that are covered in a thin layer of skin, and is used to just pierce the skin and thus allow a way out for the sebum.
  9. this one is scary, not for minors or those easily scared http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ainqVMlMfj4&...feature=related
  10. They'll end up like these in this video if you're not careful! http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6WHIaf-x0jo&...feature=related
  11. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/redirect....v%3DEcPGKYslrJo One in use
  12. You'll find that the remover thingy will work really well over bones, but not so good in the softer areas where there is no bone to press against.
  13. Get squeezing, then perhaps try some of that acid that people on here are always on about.
  14. Nothing stupid about it, you've removed a plug of sebum that has enlarged your pore. You can't escape or avoid that I'm afraid unless you prevent the blackhead from forming in the first place. So you now have an enlarged pore, big deal get over it.