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  1. Try this regimen Use Dans regimen 1 week AM: dan's cleanser, 2 pea size of dan's moisturizer and a good sunscreen. Tips: U can find a good sunscreen at amazon.com "Missha All Around Safe Block Essence Sun SPF 45 PA+++ sunscreen" $9 in a pink tube. This is the greatest sunscreen ever! PM: Use Simple wipes to remove makeup they're super gentle. Dan's cleanser (1pump), dan's bp pea size only that's all u need! Dan's moisturizer (1 pump) ON SECOND WEEK: Increase bp 2 pea size on
  2. You dont stop. Its a prevention not cure. I did try to get off it after one year. I had super clear skin. It was so clear that it got me thinking that acne would not be a prob anymore but oh boy it came back after a month. I went back on the regimen n got beautiful skin again Since i am clear, i only apply bp, 2 pea size on the face only at night. You dont need that much. Goodluck
  3. Here is my tip. To avoid flakiness. Apply bp only at night and spot treat in the am only. I noticed when i apply generous amount of bp on entire face in the morning, i flake alot! I used Dan's moisturizer (1 pump) and followed by olay spf. Be sure to use warm water everytime you wash face. When applying make up you might want to use a beauty blender (sponge). And pat it gently on the face. Avoid rubbing and glidding the sponge on face. Foundation works best with the regimen. Estee l
  4. Coconut will clog your pores and is maybe the one thing that will break you out. Try this. Use 2 pumps of dan's moisturizer only at night. 1 pump in the am. U might think it's alot but it's not. Dry skin means more irritations and more acne. Try putting more bp at night n just use a pea size in the am. Also use sunscreen in the am after applying moisturizer.
  5. Hmmm good question. I wonder if its fine for 1 pump.
  6. Acne.org is your number 1 choice. I was skeptical and since i started using it, my skin did get dry, flaky but as weeks goes by my skin adjusted with the treatment and got my skin cleared. Goodluck. The key is to follow the regimen properly and to be EXTRA GENTLE with your skin.
  7. Yup. It worked for me. My friend stopped using it and i asked her how she used the regimen, turns out she wasnt following it properly and she was too harsh with it. She want back and got clear skin.
  8. Vegan diet takes about 3-6 months to see result. You might even breakout bad because it's releasing toxic...this is detoxing. But the good news is that you are on the right track.
  9. This happened to me i thought the regimen stop working, but i went back track what i did wrong and it was picking, touching my skin and eating tons of breads and milk! I started to control myself not touching my face and discipline myself avoiding foods that will break me out. I stick to the regimen and it was harder because i was paranoid thinking it doesnt work anymore as my face keeps getting worst. After 2 months not touching, picking my fAce etc...the regimen starts to work again. Fina
  10. I'm guessing the whey protein. That stuff breaks me out crazy!
  11. You can order it through amazon.com. They ship worldwide. And i myself also not in the US
  12. The regimen that was created by Dan who is also the founder of this website (acne.org). Go to the homepage acne.org and click "The Acne.Org Regimen. 3step: Cleanser, Benzoyl Peroxide and Moisturizer. Be sure you watch the video how to use it. If u follow the regimen and be gentle with ur skin IT WILL WORK. All the people i told them about The acne.org regimen it work for them. Goodluck!