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  1. Hahahaha you think that just because im saving myself for marriage that i dont know what a penis or a vagina is, what intercorse means, that i think they are evil? I dont think you should be the one to talk about our so called ignorance... My virginity is my gift to my wife, my wedding gift, the greatest gift i could ever possibly give to a woman because I said NO to everyone else but her. It shows that I CHOSE HER over all the other women in the world. Its not the act itself, which i admit I
  2. I don't think there's much more to life than relationships, but people get too specific on what 'relationship' means. It doesn't have to be a romantic relationship, but it's important nonetheless. If you have no relationships, you're pretty much stuck on this rock of a planet alone, with a bunch of crap we call stuff. A life in isolation is pretty much pointless. Women have other women to support them. They don't need a man to experience feelings of intimacy or love. Men don't support each oth
  3. Oh lordy, sex is funny. Especially when people start putting it on a pedestal. People can wave their abstinence flags around, that's great and all... i guess. It's funny cause people start treating their virginity as something sacred. Well, at least women do, men sure don't. We're just trying to hump anything (women, knotholes, other dudes but it's too awkward a subject to breach, that spritely gazelle, (sorry)), while at the same time pushing this image on women that they have to keep their le
  4. If you had 3 extra arms but only 1 elbow, friends and family will say it's fine. Their perspective is a little skewed heh.
  5. My brother and I look alike, cept i had acne. My aunt was visiting and turned to him and said he's very handsome. Then she turns to me and says, "oh you're..." before trailing off. It was kinda comical cause she was just so oblivious. My brother even gave me the "is this bitch retarded" look. My face has cleared nicely while she still looks like a bulldog after the facelift. I dont take the comments themselves personally. It's the total disrespect required to confront a stranger with the commen
  6. If you looked like Gackt's twin tomorrow, that wouldnt make you more attractive. The guy isn't physically attractive to females unless they're closet bisexual. If he gets women, it's more to do with his celebrity than his looks. Pound for pound, Gackt is repulsive as a man. You look like a normal human being, no worse than the rest of us. What you seem to need to work on is personality and confidence. Looks aren't gonna win you a woman, their brains aren't like ours. If you want plastic surge
  7. Not sure of your genders, but women have colder hands and feet compared to men. It's just a guess, but the difference is probably due to men having more bulk in their core. If your hands and feet are colder than you'd like, you could throw on an extra layer of clothing on your torso. It increases blood flow to the limbs, warming them. It's how inuit can work in tundra conditions without gloves and without experiencing decreased motor functions in their hands.
  8. Not saying she hates you, i'm sure she loves you. That doesnt mean you cant resort to emotional warfare hehe
  9. k, this one is cheating cause it has no lyrics, but it's awesome and must be heard keke While My Guitar Gently Weeps (ukulele cover by jake shimabukuro, go hawaii!)
  10. I wonder how many people you've made self conscious about their eyebrows hehe. Some woman is probably in a mad dash home right now to get to those tweezers. And i do believe this is the first time i've written or typed the word tweezers ever, ever.
  11. Best compliment i've gotten is the ol ass grab from some random girl. Made my day. Women. They're so barbaric omgs. Ladies, you should do it more.
  12. Put on your best pained expression and ask her why she hates you. If she's got a soul at all she'll break down keke. Sounds like the wrong person is in therapy. My complete lack of any psychology courses is telling me that she resents you. (no offense)
  13. Pee On You - Dave Chappelle jk Macka Splaff - Steel Pulse Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
  14. The recommended dosage is 1mg to 1kg of body weight. 80mg a day is enough for a 175 lbs person. At 140 lbs, recommended dosage would be 65 mg a day. You're getting 1/4 more accutane than the recommended. But i'm no derm. Wouldnt hurt to reconfirm the dosage.