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  1. I had smoothbeam two years ago. 6 sessions. Today I can honestly say the scars do look better. They were rolling scars. The problem is we look in mirrors every second of the day and don't notice improvement because it happens gradually, then at the end we say there is no improvement at all. If I were to return to a mirror in a certain area that I haven't been for a year, the scars do look alot better. Its like with your eyesight, some people don't notice they need glasses because the change is s
  2. I started mino a month ago and still get breakouts.
  3. For me smoothbeam was good for scars and did nothing for acne. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for acne.
  4. In my experience, they get way worse before getting better, especially the day of the smoothbeam it looks terrible. It is nice to move on with life... there's a point where you can tell that your scars can only be noticed by yourself and not anyone else, that's when you're in good shape. I also really wonder how good scars can get with multiple smoothbeams at the max. I wouldn't try more because i'm satisfied now, however there's always that hype over 100%. I'm sure in our lifetime there will be
  5. I must say it's been 5 months since my last smoothbeam treatment. I had 6 in total, I had moderate rolling scars and i'm 18. It was really constant ups and downs, after my first two i didn't really have any improvement. 3rd and 4th I had noticeable improvement but it seemed to fade away. My 5th and 6th ended with nothing really and ultimately I felt like I had a small improvement after 6 treatments. Maybe 20%. Strangely about 3 months after my last treatment, my scars started to really improve,
  6. I would suggest you start smoothbeamin. I had great improvements with it and I haven't really heard about the fraxel laser.
  7. I can never get completely clear, it seems as though i have on average 6 small pimples. When i kill a few, they seem to be replaced by more. It's like a never ending cycle. I'm not depressed at all, i've been on the regimen for about a year now and it keeps them all small. I just wish i could be totally clear. Are people using the regimen at some points completely clear?
  8. Smoothbeam laser - 6 treatments, about 40-50% improvement on rolling scars. 100% improvement on a few minor scars. Can't even see them or any trace, they are gone.
  9. It's really the eyes, nose, and lips that make the face. If your scarring isn't incredibly severe and noticeable, people aren't looking for it and might never notice. Before you got your scars i'm sure you didn't examine other people's skin.
  10. I'm about to do my 6th smoothbeam tomorrow on setting 15, i did all the others without numbing cream but have endured enough pain. As for the cream, i have been prescribed EMLA 2.5% lidocaine. Everyone says to put it on an hour before my treatment, which since it takes about an hour to get there and i use public transportation i will probably do it right before i leave. I don't want to go out in public looking strange with cream all over my face nor with plastic wrap on my face. My question is,
  11. Smoothbeam sucked for my one icepick. But after 5 treatments, my rolling scars have vastly improved.
  12. Yeah, and dermabrasion needs to be there. Many people report the most dramatic improvement with this method.
  13. Every pimple i have ever treated with BP has healed perfectly. I would say it stops the acne from getting huge and therefore might even prevent scarring.
  14. For me it worked very well on rolling scars. My one boxcar scar hasn't improved that greatly from it. Plus it takes about 4-5 treatments to actually get good results. But if you're patient and do them all, you should notice a good improvement in certain scarring.