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  1. I'm 18 and I'm having an increasing amount of acne for 2 years now. I went to see a doctor and he gave me a cleanser which helped only to a certain extent -acne would only appear on my cheeks and my skin texture became weird, it has lots of bumps and its kinda greasy. There were blackheads all over my cheeks and nose. So I stopped using the cleanser he gave and bought a cetaphil cleanser. I've been using it for 2 weeks now and my skin broke out a lot in many areas but mainly on my cheeks,there w
  2. I have dry sensitive skin but still has some sort of greasy appearance. I currently use a facial cleanser meant for dry skin and which doesn't produce foam. It leaves my skin feeling soft and not stripped but I feel like it doesn't clean well in certain areas. After I use this cleanser,there are tiny blackheads all across my cheeks and on my nose. And my nose is pretty oily. I also have this condition where cluster of pimples appear only on my cheeks. Do you think I should switch my cleanser and
  3. I'm 17 and pimples keep appearing on my cheeks. It's always the same ones,they get redder and forms into a head and then pops. They'll seem to heal for the next few days but then get redder again and a head forms. If not a new pimple will come up. They've been there for months what else should I do
  4. Wisd

    Does it work..?

    Does it work..?

    I'm a teen and these past years I've been having breakouts. It was totally fine before but it suddenly happened. And I think I have sensitive skin. I've been seeking help and have tried different products and home remedies. I even tried to take zinc supplements cause I heard it might help. But my skin just keeps getting worse so I went to consult a doctor and was prescribed a couple of natural products as well as skin peeling sessions. After that,some of the previous scars are gone but now acne