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  1. The day after my first treatment I did not notice any redness, peeling, or breakouts. The third day after my face did peel (all over) but so minor and slightly that you couldn't even really notice it. Along the fourth/fifth day I did notice the breaking out symptoms they talked about. I got one pimple on my left cheek and four small pimples along my jawline and my scars from previous acne are still healing. *remember, acne does get worse before it gets better. BUT I think my breakouts hav
  2. Today I began my first ever ALA/PDT and Blue Light Extraction treatment. The treatment was slightly painful. They first started off by doing a deep cleansing of my face and neck (where my acne is most severe). Then, they did what is called an extraction where they pick and suck out all the nasty grime in the pores (Guh-ross, I know). This hurt the most because they were picking deep into my pores. After that they put the Levulan Gel (ALA) onto my face and left it on for 15 minutes (it had a burn