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  1. Sorry also did want to ask which fillers are the best in anyone's opinion? Restylne or Juverderm? I know that one of them can give a blue tinge effect?!
  2. @tracy521 Hi Tracy sorry to hound you. I am just sick with worry about this. I am seeing my dermatologist next Friday and I know he will recommend filler but am loathe to at the moment but at the same time I hate this scar.
  3. @tracy521Thanks Tracy. Happy to message you pictures rather than put on here. Do you have an email? I just wish I had not got this done and been so complacent about it. It wasn't even bothering me that much, and now I have a massive crater. It isn't as bad as some pictures I have seen on realself or elsewhere but it feels really dented and perhaps tethered down from where the cyst popped out. So instead of where I have read most people's spots/cysts went down or flattened out, mine was near
  4. @tracy521 Thank you for the advice. In fact I was just looking at my dent under angled lighting (why do I do it to myself?!) and it's probably worse then just the noticeable dent,as I can see the difference in fat loss on that side as opposed to the other side especially when I smile. I have pretty chubby cheeks and a lot of fat around the apple of my cheeks and on my unaffected cheek it is really chubby and springy, but on my other side there is a definite loss of fat. There is also a larger a
  5. Yes my cyst popping was indeed hard substance (I know gross!) but it was really tiny. Apart from it being on my face for 2 months it really was not a large spot at all, it was just one of those that was not coming out or going away, though I think at the stage it was injected the cyst was not so deep in my skin - so it was definitely going to come out. Ok your theory is interesting. I was given no warning that cortisone could seep out or that it would last for 2 weeks in my system, I only fo
  6. Hi thanks Shadylee, I am sick of myself so you must be sick of me! But I really appreciate it. Basically it started with a pimple/spot that was noticed by my dermatologist(I was not so bothered). Two months later it was still there but the cyst/spot had come more to a head. It was injected and instead of what happened with you, it flattening and going away my cyst popped out. The cyst had come to the surface so I was able to give a gentle squeeze and this tiny, and I mean tiny cyst came out. A
  7. @shadyleeYou must be totally sick of me. I just feel extremely stressed as I have not seen any improvement over the last 3 weeks or so. If anything the discolouration is more pronounced but the atrophy/dents just look the same. i am worried my cyst also tethered my skin (even though so tiny, and had I not had the cortisone shot it probably would have come out anyway and left only a tiny pinpoint dent, not this monster) and that I am left with this scar for life. Surely I would still be seein
  8. @shadyladyThanks again. I just freaked out when my mum commented on it again after 4.5 months in (she commented first time 2.5 months in). I just can't believe the fact that this much time has gone by and I can still feel and see the indent fully. Yes I have been on realself and read that feed you told me about and that was reassuring. However some doctors on there have said it could be permanent, or advise on other proceduresSome are reassuring and others really are not. I think you understa
  9. @shadyleeHi Shadylee - sorry using you as a sounding board. It's been over a week since I posted on here and have been better at just trying to forget this scar/ dent is there but today my mum asked me if had hurt my cheek. I was so embarrassed I just said no. She said it looked dark in that area. My mum had brought it up about 2 months ago too, but it was really bad then. Anyway, I just got upset and thinking that everyone can see this scar, and whether it is going to improve anymore. I am
  10. @shadylee Thank you for your understanding. I may be back to ask more questions - apologies in advance! It helps when you talk to someone who has gone through it. What scares me are the posts by individuals or doctors who have said it's permanent or likely to be permanent. Anyway I am going to try taking your advice and try not to look at it or think about it too much!). Thanks
  11. @shadylee Sorry for yet another message but where I think the needle went in and where my tiny cyst then lodged out, had to squeeze it gently - it's the deepest here, almost well like. Did you have this too? Last couple of days scar looks even worse. It's got a dark tinge to it too. I am petrified now that as the cyst did not just go away with the injection but had to come out the scar formed is from the cyst and not the cortisone. Although I have NO other scars like this and have ever had anyt
  12. @shadylee Thanks for the advice. I don't really want filler. I just don't want anything else to go wrong or be injected in my face! I really had NO idea this would happen, and it isn't at all bad like the lady on the other thread but it's noticeable to me, and it's a bigger scar than had I left it alone, plus the atrophy which I have never experienced. i am very worried though as it's a strange dent that feels a bit tethered by the cyst scar. I have a few other scars and they all sit on the
  13. Hi @shadylee, how long would you say it took for your atrophy to fill in? I have just hit the 4 month stage, and although it definitely has improved - over the last couple of weeks it just looks as if there has been no improvement at all. There is still a dent in my face which is the atrophy and I can feel it. I can see where the scar has been left by the cyst whichgoes in much more. Am worried that it won't fill in anymore. Agh have a big wedding in 3 weeks time and wanted to look my best.
  14. Hi Shadylee, thank you so much for your response and reassurance. It makes a huge difference when you fell like it's not going to get any better, and it helps having some moral support. Found and read most of that huge thread that you recommended. Again reassuring to see how it did get better for that lady and others. Although I think 1 or 2 individuals mentioned the dent still there after 2 years or so! Hope that is not me. I am at the 4 month mark and it has definitely improved but it is s
  15. Thank you for your response/advice Shadylee. I wish I had not got it done of course now. I had a tiny cyst but I had had it for 2 months or so and it wasn't coming out. I went to see my dermatologist about something else and as the cyst was there just spoke to him about it. He offered the shot and I accepted as I had had it before about 10 years ago and my cysts went away like magic I had no / minimal scarring. My cyst came out a few days later, though had to give a gentle squeeze as it was on t