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  1. I think it's a not correct question. I think right question is: Would You prefer to be: 1: A Vampire with acne 2: Be Human no acne Howewer i wont to be a human with no acne
  2. what You mean when You say that You can't live without pain? i think it's a masochism, it's abnormally
  3. I understand You Sareliz, i too weik up every day and a hate all what i see in a mirror, when i go out home i see in a people and they all have a perfect skin, i always ask, what i was do in a past? i not deserve that, when i was a yanger i always think, live always so terrible or just in a young thime? and now i think life always that terrible, and what i will think in a future? what happens in a future? but now i know just one, we all need fight, becouse if we do not fight in a future we will
  4. did You go to derm?
  5. stas

    Hola :)

    i wish You luck man!
  6. i was use a accutane twise, in a 2003 years (3 month) and in a 2005 years (3 month)
  7. i have a acne since 1997 years, and i try all meds what i can, but it's a not help, i don't know what i need do
  8. it's a hard to toalking to a people in a rela live
  9. hello all, i have a body acne and i suggest a acquaintance to each other, and talk to each other, becouse be alone it's a terrible