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  1. Sorry about the lack of updates in a while! I've been away. Also, I figured that I should give it time before I evaluate my skin. It looks awesome. Oiliness? Gone. Acne? Gone. The only red mark I currently have on my skin is from where I scratched myself with my watch when I was doing my hair. Also, I started using the Active Serum on my neck because I was getting break-outs there, too. It stopped the break-outs and it diminished some fine horizontal lines that I have across my neck.
  2. My exam is over! It went fine! My face didn't end up breaking out but my neck did. I didn't even know necks could get zits. But at least my face looks clear! I'm down to one pimple by my eyebrow. So cool.
  3. Argghhh...I'm really stressed out and I'm afraid that that'll make me break-out. I always get horrible break-outs when I'm worried about something. I'm hoping that the seemingly napalm-like effect on my acne of the IS Clinical stuff in combo with the Retin-A will counteract this phenomenon. Also, I wondering what kinds of dietary stuff could help. I just read an article (and posted it in the nutrition section) about simple carbs (sugars?) being bad for acne. My sister is a vegetarian and sh
  4. Hi! I'm back (and apparently I have the shortest possible attention span when it comes to studying). I wanted to update ya'll on my skin's progress using my new regimen. I'm thrilled!!! I am the most skeptical when it comes to products as I've felt cheated so many times before. It's been less that one week and I couldn't be happier. My red spots have faded to the point where they aren't really noticable and I've had no new whiteheads. Also, the two cystic zits on my chin healed (they'r
  5. Okay, I just realized that a lot of people will probably wonder what is in the stuff I'm now using. Here's the description from my e-mailed recommendation from SPECSpa: "Super Serum is the first to combine the clinically proven L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) (intensive hydrating ingredient), Arbutin (controls uneven pigmentation), Pentapeptide Amino Acids (essential amino acids, protein building blocks, aids in reducing scar tissue and stretch marks), Mushroo
  6. I am a long-time fellow-sufferer of acne and I've tried Minocycline for a couple years and, over the last 1.5 years I've used Retin-A Micro (.04). My skin is very fair and burns easily. I used to have cystic acne continuosly before starting the Retin-A Micro and, after have the worst six skin weeks of my life after starting the Retin-A, I've cleared up a lot. Still, I'm not happy with my skin's condition and I'm starting to get fine lines (I'm in my early 20s). My chin and forehead break o
  7. Hi everybody.I would have to agree with ImOily. Tanning might work temporarily but it really does not help that much. It really is not worth it in the end. Kiki
  8. I just read the following column today on MiamiHerald.com and I was wondering what ya'll thought about it. What kind of foods is he referring to when he talks about "junk foods, certain breads and grains?" "Small change in diet may help clear acne Dr. Sean Kenniff Q: Are there any diets that can help get rid of acne? A: Excess hormone levels and bacteria are clearly the primary cause of acne. Dermatologists often claim diet has little influence on the occurrence or appearance of pimples, but
  9. Okay... I've done a little research and found out that only doctors and skin professionals(?) can sell the IS Clinical line. I'm a little freaked out because I'm a student (teaching student) and I don't really have the time or money to visit a doctor or go to a spa. Does anyone know if you can buy it on the internet?
  10. Hi everyone! I'm thinking that my above routine is pretty pathetic. I'm considering starting a new regimen this week. My sister uses IS Clinical products and I'm thinking that I might try them, also. If I do, I'll start a new thread and name it accordingly. Has anyone else used them before? I don't even know where to get them (because she buys them from her dermatologist). Kiki
  11. My skin is really senstive and I have blackheads, and occasional cystic acne. I have t-zone oiliness and on top of that I am a "20-something" year-old and I'm getting my first wrinkles. Acne + wrinkles = not fair. I have taken minocycline for 3 years (100 mg/day). Morning: I use biore warming cleanser and I use estee lauder toner before I put on my makeup. I wear foundation by Almay and cover girl clear mascara. Evening: I use topical clindamycin and I use my biore warming cleanser. When
  12. I'm new to the boards (as I finally caved in and got high-speed internet access). My sister uses IS Clinical products, too. She says that her skin has never looked better. She also has used Retin-A Micro for the past 2 years which helped with the cystic acne but her skin's texture (acne scars and redness) didn't really improve until she added "active serum" and "super serum" to the line-up. I'm still hesitant to try them because I know they are expensive products. I do have to admit that