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  1. I've been using this twice a day for about a month and has broke me out really bad. I'm not sure if I should stop using this or only start using it once a day.
  2. I bought some enteric coated aspirin. Is this ok to use?
  3. AHA, Aqua Glycolic, Aloe Vera, Bio Oil, and the list goes on. I dont' want to have to try every single one of those to see if they work. I have Asian skin; my marks aren't really red but rather brown/purpleish. I've been using Aloe Vera gel for a while now and can't really tell if it's working. Should I try more of what I listed above?
  4. I drink a cup every morning with my breakfast and have done this since forever. Not sure I wanted to try getting off milk. I mean it's been ingrained into society that milk is good for you. I guess it'll be worth it if it gets rid of the acne.
  5. Wow, didn't expect the capsules to be so freaking huge.
  6. Is it ok if I use the Walgreens brand? It's hard for me to get the brands the op suggested.
  7. chaoz

    Acne treatment progress

    Weekly (hopefully) updates of my progress
  8. I don't have insurance so accutane isn't an option.
  9. I'm not sure what kind of acne I have, but it looks pretty bad to me. Whenever one pimple goes another, another one will just pop up. My regimen: Clear & Clear Cream Cleanser in the morning and night BP 2% in morning and night Moisturizer whenever I go out. Are there more effective methods that would suite me better? http://img102.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img151di7.jpg http://img514.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img150bu3.jpg
  10. I only use it when I go out with spf. Am I suppose to put it on after applying some bp? How do moisturizers help acne?
  11. I've been using ACV for about a month, but I didn't see any results. I even thought that it might be causing me more breakouts. Don't know if it will even work on my type of scars. Should I contintue? I finally got a camera so I can actually show what it looks like now. A pic of my scars
  12. I also used 30% GA from www.wizozkansas.com (ebay user is Kanz) and it's not working. I don't see any improvements at all.
  13. Crap, I ordered from www.wizozkansas.com (actually from ebay) too. I knew I made the wrong decision. After 4 weeks I don't really notice any improvement. The only thing this GA does is sting a little. No redness, no flaking, not even drying. Guess I'll need to buy a better quality GA.
  14. I did my second peel yesterday, but I don't notice any flaking. Nor was there any last week. I'm not sure if I'm doing it right. I left it acid on for about 4 minutes, enough though it burned a little, there wasn't any redness. Maybe I bought some cheap GA or something. I bought a 30% peel on ebay from Kanzz.