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  1. 9 days ago i went to see Laura and she was surprised at how badly I had reacted to the products. So she did more testing. So last Tuesday, I started a new and very simple regimen. Laura changed me to using the Sensitive Skin cleanser in replacement of the scrub (the scrub was too harsh for my skin). I had used only the cleanser and sunscreen in the morning, cleanser and cranberry cream at night. So I had done that for a week, since last Tuesday day. So this week on Tuesday, I began incorporating
  2. I got a call from the clinic yesterday and I told Laura what i've been doing. She suspected that i'm allergic to BP. So, she told me to completely stop using BP. My regimen is just to wash my face with the scrub, toner, cranberry cream, and sunscreen. Laura told me to do a test with BP on the inner part of my arm, near my elbow to see if i'm really allergic to BP. I have had bad reaction to BP before. But months ago, I used Paula's choice 2.5% BP and it was fine. Supposedly, I had an appointmen
  3. update: I've been applying acne med every other day because i really don't think my skin can tolerate BP everynight. I think after this weekend, I'll start applying BP every night as my skin can get use to the medication. As of right now, my skin is kidda sensitive from all the products and the sun. So I think i'll just do BP every other day for now. So how is my skin condition now? One small pimple is kidda growing. I think it stopped growing and it's just staying there. Its size is very
  4. i am looking at university of illinois, chicago, and university of boston. i've been in northern cali my whole life so...i think it's time to migrate. hahah. but yeah, it is super super stressful. I'm glad i'm done with applying to 3 schools, 3 more to go. The process will go on but at least, im half way done. Do you think applying to 6 schools is enough? My TA told me she applied to 13. geeze, i think i will be in more debt before i even attend grad school. hahaha. your job, researching, should
  5. Aren't extractions helpful? I don't know how I lived without them before! They can really help spots from becoming full blown pimples and can also really shorten the lifespan of any pimples you do get extracted. And just keep in regular contact with the clinic if you have questions about when you are supposed to start using products again. They are always more than happy to answer questions for their clients! What will you be studying in grad school? I studied psychology at UC Davis's g
  6. so i contacted Laura and she told me to stop using glycolic serum. For tonight, I will wash my face with only water. It's no longer red but still irritated/itchy. So for tomorrow, I will wash my face with the Scrub, apply cranberry cream, and sun screen. Hopefully by tomo night, I can go back to using bp acne med. well it's going to be a long day at school tomo. off to bed.
  7. So I went to see Laura on Saturday and had a treatment. Like everyone else said, people here are very nice and sincere. They make you feel like they know what they're doing. Im not going to go into detail of how the place is and blah blah blah. So let me describe my condition. I'm 23, asian, have acne since high school. Laura said I have non-inflamed acne. It will take 3 months to have clear skin (let's hope so). Laura also said I have a lot of dead skin, making my face look and feel rough. My s
  8. thats right. i HAVEN'T had any olive oil or peanut butter in my diet. i was looking online somewhere and read that anchovy oil is better than salmon? is there any difference? Nature Made is made Anchovy & Sardine as their fish. Is there any difference in which fish im getting the oil from?
  9. i was taking Nature Made fish oil. i have no idea whether it was a coincidence or im not responding to CLO. i remember being zit-free the whole time i was on fish oil capsules. then i ran out, and stopped taking it for 3 days i think. I began to have a couple pimples. 3 days later, i began taking CLO. 2 weeks later, pimples are still there and more of them are coming up on my chin and jawline area. hmmm this is so confusing. haha. maybe fish oil didnt help me at all in the first place and my fac
  10. i took fish oil capsules and had some success with it. then when i decided to switch to CLO and zinc, i broke out horribly. i made the switch 2 weeks ago and i think that should give CLO some time to kick in. im not having any success with CLO at all. HOwever, i notice my lips are becoming less dry. other than that, i just finished my breakfast and decided to go back to fish oil capsules. my question is...should i take fish oil capsules..if yes, which brand is most recommended. or should i take
  11. i use neutrogena active breathable sunblock spf 45. im on retin a micro and the sunblock seems to help. i havent gotten any sunburn yet.
  12. i've been using Retin-A-Micro for a week now. The idea of getting a facial just came up and I was wondering if facials are safe for my skin right now. I haven't been to a facialist for a long time, and my facial skin is full of black heads. I know people would suggest products to get rid of black heads. But my question is, has any Retin-A users gone to get a facial? is extraction safe for Retin-A users? I read somewhere on this site that facials might make retin-a users' skin thin? and that it w