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  1. Day 42 BOOO! Sorry for the long lack of updates--midterms have been sneaking up...but the other reason was mainly because my skin has behaved ....little pimples on hairline but for the most part, it's been doing great! When I went home for my dr's appointment my mom - who is not happy about the accutane btw - looked at me and was like, "oh, it works!" until <dum dum dum>... 6th week and i am breaking out like mad again. does anyone think that this has to do with a switch? i was on amne
  2. hi twin I have not updated my post in the longest time, because from 4th week on my skin has been so nice, except for a breakout along my hairline which no one sees. my family back home was like wow! now, i'm in my 6th week and breaking out again...IM SO FRUSTRATED.... annnnd....i am a big fan of complex 15 and using aveeno lately...how weird...hahaha. i am thinking of adding a glycolic acid moisturizer to maybe help w. the redness at night.
  3. Day 20 so, so tired. these days i feel like a deflated balloon.
  4. Day 17 Aka...grrr I think the main frustration with accutane is that you feel it working basically everywhere - dry skin, lips, hair, and maybe some other side effects, but you're still breaking out!!! new cysts all along jaw line. boo. that is all. then i attacked my sea of blackheads on my nose and ended up scratching my nose off in the process.
  5. I'm not one to lose such a body part. :angel: Hey just checking up on you b/c you started around the same time I did...good luck! I'm pretty much on the same boat as you right now, no terrible side effects, but I am getting so impatient and get really pissed every time I see a new zit! hahaha...oh well....patience is a virtue :) and we're getting there...
  6. DAY 15 ...AHH! Stress. from school, job apps, everything. Skin is dry but nothing major, lips are very dry. The two huge eyebrow zits are getting better, even if they are scabbing and gross. Some new zits along hairline but they're easily hidden so I don't mind them so much....and I feel some new bumps along my jawline too. Basically the best way I can summarize things is that before Accutane most of my breakouts were consistent comedonal bumps all across my cheeks and forehead with maybe 1
  7. Hi twin I'm actually Korean and Brazilian, so no Japanese for me But half-Asians rock! Keep me updated on your progress, I'm crossing my fingers for you.
  8. Day 11 Thank you guys so much for the encouragement, you have no idea how much it means! They really made me feel better yesterday when I was sooo down. So there is a slight explanation for everything. Yesterday, I had the worst headache in the world, my skin was a mess, and I just felt completely like CRAP...I was sore, my back hurt, everything. I was so down on accutane and like, everything, and was just generally miserable. Then...(for ladies only) I got my period. Which even though it
  9. oh it's so terrible, i know. my honeymoon period is over too...i had a great first week and now on day 9 i am actually the exxon spill, and my skin just looks so WEIRD! and now i have a headache and am supremely achy. chin up, we'll get there soon.
  10. Day 9+10 (BLEH) Finished first pack. Really down today. My face is nasty oily, like ridiculously so, and just feels kind of weird -- waxy, almost. The two huge bumps between my eyebrows are actually the nastiest things i've ever seen. I think my honeymoon period with accutane is over. I had to install things @ work yesterday (art gallery) so I did a lot of heavy lifting and drilling and hanging and all this stuff...now I'm so sore I can barely get up. I feel like such a whiner. I already cut
  11. days 7 + 8 - ONE WEEK being in college makes it really hard to not drink socially. i find that even a glass of wine makes me sick now. yesterday @ a cocktail party a friend remarked that my skin was looking really nice! Which is great. My skin is still oily, and I haven't had to worry about dry skin too much. But my lips are actually disgusting. I switched to straight up petroleum jelly and it's helping. Asides from that things are looking tentatively nice. My two zits (cyclops) are still
  12. Day 6 Honker between eyebrows is now joined by its younger (probably will grow bigger) brother. You know what's gross? Washing your face and feeling a big, flat lump that's not red yet. But you know it's going to be nasty. GARRR. at this spot there is no way to hide it. ALTHOUGH: makeup tip that's helpful is brushing on some green powder (to color correct the red) BEFORE you put on foundation. it hides the redness really well! Noticed small flakes on my skin this morning. If you are like me a
  13. DAY 4+5 spoke too early when i said was not experiencing any side effects. I realized that at 8 pm i was ready to fall into a deep deep sleep...and as soon as i closed my eyes on the subway just to "take a rest" i fell asleep and almost missed my stop. i have never fallen asleep on a subway before. asides from that: my lips are getting increasingly dry. i mean, it's winter and i figured that dry lips were no big deal, but there is a big difference between regular dry lips and accutane dry lip
  14. Hey all-- New year, new log! I'm determined for 2007 to be the year that I finally 1. stop canceling plans because of my skin 2. stop being afraid of looking people in the eye in daylight 3. being afraid of my makeup running off, being afraid of sleeping over someone else's place 4. soaking those clean and clear things to the core ever 2 hours! 5. feeling UGLY, INFERIOR, and DOWN because of a couple of stupid zits! 6. spending hard-earned money on anything and everything guaranteed to make a d