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  1. This is a great multivitamin that I've been getting online. The cost of getting it online is getting to be a little much, so does anyone know if it is possible to get this in the U.S. I live in Atlanta, so that would be preferable, or a place in the U.S. that might ship the item. TIA
  2. My mother had severe acne from puberty up until about the age of 50. Now she just has scarring. She has passed this wonderful trait onto her two daughters. I am 26 and have been fighting moderate to severe acne for about 13 years (my sister is 18, so a little bit less for her). I've tried alot of things to get my face completely clear. I have a pretty good diet, I take vitamins, etc., The best that I've gotten is a smooth face, as opposed to a clear one. I've accepted the fact that I probably wi
  3. Thanks for the information, ya'll. I also have another question. I've heard varying things about concealer color as far as whether or not it should be ligher or darker than the area you are concealing. Which one is it??
  4. Hello: I'm kind of new here, so bare with me. But I'm an African American female with oily, moderate acne, skin. I've been trying to figure out what would be the best foundation/powder combo for me?? Currently, I've been using Physician's Formula mineral powder by itself. No foundation or concealer. But, of course, that isn't enough coverage for my acne and dark spots. I've been considering Joppa Minerals, but I'm not sure if their coverage would be enough without foundation or concealer. I
  5. I don't think this solution will work for those of African American descent. Do you have any suggestions for those who are??
  6. MeredithC, I'm a 26 year old, African American woman who is brown skinned (middle of the road coloring). Tazorac is definitely beneficial, but, just because you have darker skin or tougher skin, doesn't mean that it won't burn. If you go to fast with the application usage, the skin will burn. That's what it is made to do. Your best bet is to start once every COUPLE days, then once every other day, then once a day. The time period between each should be about 2 - 3 weeks. Hopefully, this is he
  7. Bye bye blemish is really good. Use the drying lotion. Although all pimples will eventually disappear using this, the ones that go in 2 days or less are the puss filled pimples
  8. I used Aquaglycolic for a period of time. It ended up not working for me, but every one has different skin. My acne is moderate/severe. I did use it twice a day. It cleared me up for a month and then the pimples came back, so I stopped using it.
  9. I use to be on Tazorac gel and what you may want to do is lessen the use. For instance what I did was when it peeling my skin really I was using Tazorac gel twice a day. I would lessen my usage to something like twice a day, every other day. Or once a day. Something like that. I agree with the previous person who said Olay Complete. I used that when I was using Tazorac.
  10. You should not use iodized table salt. It's not the same thing and will not help with your skin because anything iodized is not in it's natural state. There is another forum on here that has a ton of posts on sea salt and how helpful it is for acne. I actually recently started using a sea salt scrub and am seeing some results, thank God.
  11. If I were you, I would probably stop using Accutane. I'm 26, a woman with moderate to severe acne. I've never been on Accutane because I felt it was too extreme and research too many side effects. If you do your research some it works for, some it doesn't, some it works for a period of time and then it comes back when they stop treatment. Accutane definitely has some side effects If you are going to continue breaking out, you might as well save some money and use other treatments. You may want
  12. sgoofi

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    Chesterfalls - I understand your plight, I'm 26 and have moderate/severe acne. As far as what is causing it, essentially, a doctor can't really tell. It could be stress, hormone imbalance, a resistance formed to the products you're using, anything. The only you can try to do is control it. You may want to go the natural route. If you have what is considered to be mild acne, I would not go the accutane route. Although I'm a woman, I had severe acne and still opted not to use accutane because of
  13. Just for a little background on my situation, I've been fighting acne for about 14 years and I have moderate to severe acne. Right now, it's moderate. There are actually a lot of things that can help prevent or stop some forms of acne. I tried Pro-activ, worked for about 2 weeks, then broke me out badly. I learned that my skin is resistant to any type of BP products. Differin gel is very mild, so didn't work for me. Birth control pills work for some women, but didn't do anything for me. So I w
  14. Well, I used Tazorac for about 1 year. When you start using tazorac, if you read the directions, it will tell you to start once every couple of days, to once a day, then to twice a day. If you try to do it to fast, your skin will get this burned look. While using it, your skin will feel like it is burning if you are using any type of astringent or toners. Like the last post, it is like a chemical peel and it will peel your skin. I have severe acne that I've been fighting since I was 12, so tazor