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  1. Im on dan's regime and use dan's products but find this expensive to ship to uk How many others do this and do you think its worth it? i.e. how much do you value your health r u prepared to spend money to have clear skin? just looking for ur opinions
  2. Can anyone recommend a gud spf here in uk? looking for one dat contains zinc oxide but doesn't make your face too white? i use dan's mosituriser so just a good sunscreen to go on top for are super hot british summer this year
  3. when using dkr is it okay to use 2 different moisturisers 1 am and 1 pm the one in the morning i use has a spf in and helps control shine, and the one in evening is more heavier for rehydrating the skin thru the night?
  4. okay just started dan's regime couple days ago. have been a fan of his for sometime now ever since i developed mild to moderate acne during my early teens. had a course of low dose accutane about 2 yrs ago which seem to do the trick i.e. less breakouts - if any, however im still not satisfied with my complexion. i say i have oily t zone acne which makes me self concious and anxious. hope i can be disciplined to keep up with regime as in the past iv seem to stop when i had a breakout or my skin
  5. just wondering coz dan states that u shouldn't use eucerin renewal until u been on regime for several weeks? would i be okay using it after week 4 of the regime?
  6. i currently use this with the regime and it works very well. u get it from boots but make sure u use the sensitive skin version. does anyone else use it, what do u fink of it?
  7. hello uk user's could anyone recommend a moisturiser that is good for sensitive dry skin is urban rites facial relief the best one to use? as i only need a temporary one as i will change to eucerin renewal once iv been on regime for several weeks thanks
  8. i am a acne sufferer i have been using the regimen for 17 days now and was wondering if i can now switch to the eucerin renewal as my skin is flaking bad i purchased some of this moisturiser and opened it and used some of it bout in 2002 is now 2004 is it okay to use this now or does it have a sell by date. also have i been on the regimen long enough to use this mosituriser plz reply very soon as im going clubbing very soon and want a nice complexion
  9. hello iv been on the regimen for a week now and i have noticed a big improvement my skin is quite dry and very flakey, i started with a small amount as shown in the what to expect tab my acne is in the t/zone area and i was wondering when i should use eucerin renewal as it prevents flakiness quickly, the mosituriser im using (nivea visage) does a poor job getting rid of flakey skin. i want to use eucerin as soon as possible so i can go out with normal looking skin and be not afraid to
  10. hello there i ask my mum today about how people wash which may seem simple and obvious but its not when u think bout it i ask my mum if everyone uses a flannel (washcloth im from the UK) to wash there face and she said yes? is this true? howvere if u dont use a flannel or washcloth u get a build up of all dry skin patches (dead skin cells) which can clog pores causijg spots? i use a pure muslin cloth which is very gentle and is a good exfoliator for getting rid of dead skins whi
  11. what do u recommend to wash with whilst on roaccutane and mositurise or does it matter what you do coz the tablets work internally shrinking ur oil glands so surely it would not matter what u use? would johnson cleanser which contains alcohol and salicylic acid be too dangerous to use whilst on accutane im currently use liz earle products which u can check on the following link http://www.lizearle.net/lizearle/ apparntly vital oils are needed for ur skin and the best to solve oily
  12. hello im 18 male im going on accutane next week got a do fasting for a blood test wot should i wash with when on accuatne gentle cleanser no cloth? and wot should i moisturise with? can i use vitamin k as an alternative mosituriser if i get dry flaking skin wot do u recommend me to do bout that? would it be safe to use these prodcust http://www.lizearle.net/lizearle/productin...35075&groupid=1 sorry bout all the questions im really nervous about accutane but wan
  13. im 18 male i have the weirdest skin that iv never seen anyone else experience basically i got acne pretty bad when i was younger from the age 12 i use the breakout out alot i treid loads of products but had no luck with them i now occasionally breakout with white heads around the t zone area my skin is smooth but i have these widespread red marks which are flat and painless but they dont disapear i had them all my life from a distance i look clear when looking in a mirror
  14. today i use the purpose gentle bar and i found it brught me out in this weird red mark very noticable on the top of my right cheek i experience this before in the past and fought it was just and insect bite or sumthin it goes down completely which is strange and i think maybe the bar caused this maybe coz it was too dry and irritating im now using the neutrogena bar for normal skin which does not include any harsh ingredients this bar does not contain sodium chloride which might be dryi