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  1. How are you doing lately? And how is your skin?
  2. Hey there, I have asked for a free sample from "Even Better" and I got it )!! So that's great, I can try this on my skin first, you should do the same!
  3. hi people, I am really thinking about buying this stuff for my red marks. I would appreciate it if you update your experiences with Even Better!! I hope it works 4 you all
  4. And another thing....I am still choosing between Differin and BP So the same question .. If I use the BP (instead of the Differin) would that help healing my skin and the red marks or would that only damage my skin more?? Thanks!
  5. Thanks for sharing I was wondering: You said in the first part the the ACV was a HUGE mistake and then I read that you still use it?
  6. Hello. I have had a huge breakout on my chin and forehead with cysts and normal zits. Now they are (almost) gone but the worst part: I have obvious red marks, some big, and that sucks of course. I am using Differin and I was wondering: Is it wise to continue the Differin the heal my skin and fade the red marks OR does that stuff not help at all and should I treat it with something else???? Please help me out!
  7. I think you talk shit. I really don't like the way you talk, especially about your mother.. horrible! So ungrateful. It's bad energy and I think your mother did not say that to hurt you or so that you can have more breakouts. She is just worried for you. :naughty:
  8. Hey Ms Kitty! I read you take effexor. In the past I had Seroxat, same stuff. Does it help you loose some anxiety? How long are you taking it now and do you have any side-effects you notice from it? You are looking great by the way!
  9. Hey Hypersniper, I haven't looked in your gallery for long time but I am pleased to see the improvement, WOW!! Look at were you are now and compare with your startpictures, it's a major difference!!! You must be so happy with the results so far. I know you are still want more and get totally clear skin but try to be happy with your face right now, be grateful and that attitude will get you even better results!
  10. Hi SweetAmber, Here's some links that you might find interesting which overview sunscreens, both chemical and physical: http://www.doctorgoodskin.com/pd/sunscreen/types.php http://www.doctorgoodskin.com/pd/sunscreen...lsunscreens.php http://www.doctorgoodskin.com/pd/sunscreen...lsunscreens.php You might also find this link helpful, which includes information on proper sunscreen application: [Removed link] A large part o
  11. Dear Snowqueen, I have some questions about sunscreen - there are 2 kinds of sunscreen right? mineral based and chemical? Can you please explain what the difference is between these filters and I would like to know whats best for your skin to use now that the summer is comming. - Is it the right thing to first put on moisturizer and on top sunscreen or can I use sunscreen alone?
  12. I really love the look from Kim Basinger back in the days... she looked gorgeous and sexy.. (think 9 1/2 weeks)