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  1. Oh, I meant if you look at it from a disance. The distance you usually stand from other people. But if you looked closely to my face. like 3 inches from the mirror, I can see some red marks. It's not 100 percent perfect. But it does lighten up the red marks and dries out pimples.
  2. I cut up the lemon and only use the 1/4 sliced lemon. the rest goes in the fridge. The 1/4 lemon squeezed should be enough for one face and one night. I have been using it for about a week.
  3. Believe me or not, but I have been using lemon with some water added to balance the acid levels, as a toner. 1 to 2 ratio of water and lemon. (water is 1 and lemon is 2) I just take one lemon. It can last me longer than a week to use. Just cut it up to the smallest size you can. (one lemon, half lemon, then 1/4) I ue 1/4 of a lemon squeezed in my hand with some water and apply it all over and wait for it to dry. It will sting a little. Nights only and you'll wake up with radiant skin. Can't eve
  4. Yeah really highly acidic. So add some water to balance it out. Not too much though. Maybe ratio of 1 to 2. I started using squeezed lemon with some water. I cut up the lemon to the smallest I can. Save the rest of the lemon for other nights too. You dont need that much lemon. I add some water to balance out it. then put it all over my face like a toner after I wash. It works beautifully. Right now my face's at it's best. I wish I had thought of it a long time ago. But be warned. It will stin
  5. My nose and taste in shoes. But they're mostly from payless. xD Probably because nobody would want to go to payless for shoes, then they see my shoes and are like "wha... they're soo cute!! I have never seen them around here... Not at the mall are they?" "uhh..." *cute smile*
  6. I have been using it for a while now. About a week and a half. My skin's improving already! It worked for me and is now working for me. But thanks for all of your relpies and help? Heh ^^; (I checked what stuff was in it comparing to the older clearasil and it's the exact same)
  7. I decided to just suck it up and did it differently. I did a bit of salt research and found a different method. One tablespoon (maybe smaller?) of uniodinzed salt and water to make it pastey and use it on the face as a scrub. Stung a little but afterwards my face did look a little nicer and the little cyst I had FINALLY showed it's head. I defeated that little bugger.
  8. Kind of hard to be proud of scars that I caused on my face. *Picking and scratching pimples* But hell, I LOVE my scars I got on my tummy from appendicitis and on my forehead when I fell off a statue on the cement headfirst when I was three. THEY'RE SEXY. I just tell people that I got in a fight and they stabbed me in the tummy and threw my head against a wall.
  9. Dang, after reading about the salt thing. And I checked my food cabinet and found a can of salt "does not contain Iodine" YESS!! I got some warm water and 1/4 cups of the stuff. Then mixed until it all dissolved and got a towel to put it on my face. Set it for 20 minutes. 2 minutes, my face started to sting. Couldn't take it anymore. So I gave up. x.x
  10. You also have to check what kind of fabric your pillow cases are. Cotton is good. Other kind of pillow cases that aren't soft kind, like.. I don't know, what kind of fabics are there, linen? I don't know, but I noticed some pillow cases are kind of hard fabric. You should use softer fabics like cotton to sleep on. Less harsh on your skin.
  11. Yeah it's only temp, but it works. Good for if you have a date coming up and there's a red spot on your cheek. It lasts for couple of hours methinks. Yah, I sometimes use it when it gets too red and I'm going to school.
  12. nose, cheek next to nose, forehead, chin, and the area between your eyes because these areas everyone sees first. Cheeks and necks don't bother me because they're more side-y. You can just turn your head a little bit and hide it. But everyone sees the front of your face all the time. And you KNOW they're looking at them when they shift their eyes quickly from your eyes to the eruption.
  13. I have to admit when I read it in a magazine that urine contained some thing that helped breakouts. I... kind of tried it. And it works. o_____O; But it's not an everyday thing for me. Hahahahaha. I suggest doing it once in a while. You don't want to tell people that you wash your face everyday with pee. I maybe do it once a month when Im in the shower and feel like I.. have to go. Okay too much info. I'm shutting up.
  14. When I was 13 I had perfect skin. Maybe one or two pimples pop up once in a while but I was pretty happy with my skin. I think it was because I was using Clearasil cleanser. It worked pretty well. Then I got bored with the product. I became too interested in newer face washes that sounded cool on commericals. (I was thirteen and didn't know better) so stopped using clearasil and started using what was "cool" then I started getting breakouts and didn't know what to do. So kept switching products
  15. get liquid cover up same color as your skin, dab it over the area. but don't rub just kind of thick looking but it's a thin layer. Full enough to block out the discoloration. Wait for it to dry a bit. Not completely. The using your pinkie spead out the edge around the cover up slowly not trying to mess up the cover up ON the discoloration. You can spread it out a bit but try to not to rub it too much that you can see through it. Then dab the same color of powder on it.