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  1. I'm 3 weeks into minocycline, don't know if I've seen results from it yet, or if it was the Smoothbeam or the Proactiv or the zinc supp lol
  2. So neither of you use the toner at all? It really seems to help keep my skin moist, I don't even have to use moisturizer if I apply the toner and then the repairing lotion.
  3. Did this really need to be titled "PLEASE HELP ASAP" ? Yes, some have use/have used things like vitamin E and aloe vera, I haven't so I really don't know if they are effective at all, but ask around.
  4. There are other treatments that can give you the same results as Accutane, but without the side effects, I'm sure your derm will let you know of any other possible treatments.
  5. Botchla, I'm not sure if this question has been asked before, but what are your thoughts on this regimen + parts of the Proactiv regimen? I was thinking of washing with the C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub, and then the Proactiv BP wash, then applying the toner in the morning. And at night repeat all of that and apply the BP lotion as the last step. I have already been trying your regimen for my chest/back but haven't seen results yet, and am considering buying some Mandelic Acid to apply to the
  6. Go see a doctor or tell your derm of these side effects immediately. One of the extreme side effects of Accutane is depression. I don't mean to alarm you, but you should be very wary and alert to this.
  7. I have a permanent cyst on the left side of my neck, but my hair line is covering it. Sometimes it swells, sometimes it's small, guess I'll just have to deal with it 8-[
  8. Sorry to be off topic but wearing a hat or anything on your head has absolutely no bearing on hair loss.
  9. Accutane should be a sole and solitary treatment. Moisturize only if you need it.
  10. Proactiv has worked wonders for me... and my face hasn't been dry at all. It's not a terrible product, you are just close minded because of your own experience.
  11. Is it ok to use mandelic acid for chest and back acne?
  12. Uhh, there's only 1 toner, and it has glycolid acid... And one bp lotion that spreads and coats better than anything I've seen, (it's transparent once it's on your skin too ).
  13. Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub, by far.