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  1. I've was on B5, and after a while (about 2months) i have been getting constant stomach pains. I think B5 could be dangerous (From all the stuff i have read) and should only be used its your last resort before accuntane.
  2. Hi i bought this product called ACNE 101E about 8 weeks ago, and ever since then my acne has completely stopped. Its a natural Asian product which i apply 3 times a day. I have read numerous posts regarding this product, and i think the main reason it hasn't worked for most is because its vital to apply it at least three times a day. I have also started eating foods with alot of sugar e.g. chocolate, lollies, etc. And have not incurred any acne! I highly suggest to check eBay if you wish to pur
  3. How baout products you can actually purchase online.
  4. Does anyone know of any products which combate acne and are nataural.
  5. Hi i was wondering with there are any good natural acne products out there. I'm already on B5, Zinc, etc. But i want something i can put on my face.
  6. Skin B5 is the best. It taste good unlike (http://www.b5clearskin.com/ Abousltely disgusting!
  7. But if i used these oil absorbing sheets aswell as B5, wouldn't it further decrease the chance for me to get acne? Becasue somethimes i get the occasional whitehead.
  8. I have beenu using B5 for about 2 months. It has helped my skin alot by preventing acne. If BF is working does that mean all my skin is from having oily skin? If so, should i buy Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets, since they remove the oil from the skin?
  9. Hi i'm sick of buying fruit juices every 4 days to mix with my b5 powder even though its working. I was wondering if you can mix h epowder with milk? Will milk have any effect on the b5 powder, or it wont be any different then juice.
  10. Well i've been on B5 for a bit more then a month. The first week i didn't get any acne! But then i started to eat food with high concentrates of sugar e.g. Choclate, lollies, etc. Aft about a day, i started getting white head all over my face! Ever since then i think the sugar i consume has afected the B5. I'm also on B-Complex Vitamins, and Zinc tablets. If some company made a drug which can drasticlly reduce sugar levels within someones body and break them down, then i believe this will cure a
  11. I'm 98% convince sugar is the main cause for developing acne. Esepcially when i was on B5, for a couple of weeks and didn't develop any acne until i started eating sweets, and junk foods. If some company made a drug which can reduce the sugar levels, i I guarantee this would help 70% of acne suffers. Maybe there is a drug oir vitamin which can dramatically reduce the sugar levels within your body. Anything you can think off?
  12. Dont buy pills go for the powder stuff, and mix it with a fruit juice or something. It will cost you the earth if you kept using the pills.
  13. B5 is a safe way to decrease oil levels on your skin. It has helped me extreamly well. Also purcahse the powder B5, becasue the pills for cost you a fortune!
  14. I've been on B5 for about a month, and every time i eat something with high amounts of sugar, the next day i get whiteheads. Is there some vitamin which can break down oir reduce sugar and destroy the sugar consumed, so it further prevents white heads developing? Also if B5 is working for me, does that mean my acne was resulted from having oily skin?
  15. Nina, i also felt a bit dizzy and my head felt a bit heavy while on B5 for the first week. I think this is normal, its just your body adjusting and getting use to a new change. Also i notice the symptons decreased while taking B-Complex vitamins. Well i have been taking b5 for about 2 and half weeks. After the first doage of 10 grams of B5 i didn't get a pimple for a week! B5 was working. The i tried to do a little experient to see if i will get acne by eating high amount of food with high vo