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  1. What type of scars are you seeing results with?
  2. Could be a spot infected by yeast, maybe try a fungus cream for a few weeks.
  3. Did the vinegar help your pitted scars or just make them less red?
  4. http://www.absoluteacneinfo.com/acne-forum...topic.php?t=520
  5. Very interesting, if this works youre going to have to tell us where to get all of these odd supplies. Keep us posted
  6. Hi Richard thanks for the response, what I was asking is if you personally had seen results with tca on the nose, and if you felt like it was worth the risk, or too risky. thanks
  7. Richard, how about cross on the nose, have you seen results with that? I am wondering what the risk % is for making things worse with cross on the nose?
  8. YTF beauty forum, the woman who uses S.A for cross is named Shayna http://www.enhancementmedia.com/cgi-bin/beauty/index.cgi http://www.enhancementmedia.com/cgi-bin/ac...x.cgi?read=3710
  9. And antibiotics can mess up your intestinal flora which can lead to more acne when you decide to stop taking them. You can't take them forever can you.? Personally I would not take anything that disrupts the intestinal flora, your messing with your immune system when you do that. I would not have scars today had I not taken antibiotics.
  10. There is a woman on YTF forum who says she gets good results using 80-100% salicylate acid with the cross method. She says its less risky because she's never scarred from the s.a but has with TCA.
  11. Gerhard, maybe its time for another flush? Do you think your remarks faded mostly from the flush?
  12. James are you using any topicals to help with the redness?
  13. Thanks Reilly!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey what % improvement would you say you've had with the cross TCA?
  14. Another question, in your before pic it seems that your scars are red, did the cross treatment get rid of the redness too?
  15. Reilly, about how many icepicks did you treat on this one cheek that we are seeing? The overall improvement is fantastic!