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  1. £350 each, or for all of them together? That's very cheap for Subcision alone.... Does anyone know if Dr Chu is still working? I seen this on ProfessorTonyChu.com : Please note that Professor Chu will be retiring from clinical practice on 19th December 2019.
  2. Its been 7 days since I had subcision when do you think it is best for me to start using Retin-A?
  3. I just had a tiny amount of blood drawn from one of the incisions, shall I wait until tomorrow with that one?
  4. Thanks so much for making me feel confident. Last questions and i'm going to start.. OwnDoc says: The study mentioned 12 suctionings of 4 seconds each per treatment 12 suctions? Do I have to do 12 suctions, for 4 seconds each time, in just one session? I thought it was just 1 suction, 3-5 times per day.
  5. Can anyone advise? I'm starting the suction today.
  6. Thanks, I just taken a look, but unsure how much pressure from the suction I should use? I used the one from owndoc. Surely I don't pump the suction to its highest? Also, do you just keep it in one place when suctioning, or should I be trying to slide it around over the scared area?
  7. Just had my second round of Subcision today : ). This time I am going to use suction. When should I start doing it, and how long for?
  8. I'm having Subcision done at the hospital and doing my own suction when I get home, I have a few questions if anyone can answer please? 1. I'm using the home microdermabration without the disk for the suction, what day should I start the suction, how long for, and how often? 2. How long after the treatment should I start to moisturiser my face? 3. How long after treatment should I wait before washing my face with water for the first time? I will post the outcome of my results, thank
  9. It's my 3rd day using the Isotrex gel, I have some MSM cream too which I have never tried, is it wise to use them together? Eg: Isotrex at night, and MSM cream in the day?
  10. @beautifulambition Thanks for your post and the time you taken with that, it was very informative. If the tropical I was given was a tretinoin, and not an isotretinoin, I would have felt safer. No one seems to know anything about the ISO part of the drug, which makes me concerned using it for cosmetic use. Google is not by best friend on this occasion, because anything to do with iso is coming up too scientific, which is way beyond me! @BloomingWasp I have seen that one, and I agree it is l
  11. @beautifulambition Thanks. I have been given Isotrex (Isotretinion tropical) today from my doctor. He said isotretinoin is the active ingredient to accutane. What part in Isotretinion is the harmful part taken orally, the ISO, or the TRETINOIN. The fact it is the same ingredient used in Accutane puts me off, but then again, it could just be that taking Tretinoin orally is the harmful part, and the ISO makes no difference.
  12. Thanks @beautifulambition. For anyone else who finds this topic, and wants to know the same thing, you can order Isotrex from a REGISTERED online UK Chemist. Yes, you need a prescription, but if submit a free online consultation, telling the doctor what you require it for, the doctor may approve it and give you the prescription. I put in the consultation last night and had a doctor reply today who has issued the prescription. Sounds weird, but that's technology for your nowadays. Will b
  13. Thanks, I will book in to see my GP and hopefully get some on order. So you think Isotrex may help skin texture? I don't have Acne.
  14. @beautifulambition Thanks for your reply. Retin A, is not available in the UK by doctor unfortunately. Doctors now prescribe Isotrex, do you have any knowledge on this, if it is any good?
  15. What I am saying is - What may look like the genuine product, on any website that is not trusted, may not be the real thing. This could mean there is anything in the product, they may harm your face. Your right, it's not a heart medication, but no one wants to ruin there face. I would trust Paulas Choice, but they don't sell Retin A?