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  1. Once you pop it, rinse it under a cold tap (faucet if you are in the US). Pat dry with a towel, wipe any blood etc away with tissue paper. Wait 10 mins and dab on some malt vinegar (will sting a little at first, thats a good sign). You can also put some on red marks, or other areas you are prone to getting spots. I had the same problem as you but i'm clear now Good Luck ""
  2. Sorry, but you'll just have to wait it out. They fade over a couple of months. I had what you're talking about, it was between me eyebrows just above my nose. I thought there was pus inside, so i tried to squeeze. There wasnt, so i have just waited and now it is unnoticable, although if i put pressure on it i can still feel harder skin there than anywhere else.
  3. I would guess he means don't apply them both at one time eg - BP one night, SA the next. Or BP in the morning, SA at night.
  4. I have never noticed any bleaching of facial hair. But, I do keep it trimmed so it's not really a full grown beard. Still, it is as dark as ever.
  5. Okay, I'm not sure if this is gonna work for anyone else but... A few weeks ago I felt a bad cyst coming on, on the side of my nose. So, I took a bottle of Dettol (antiseptic liquid available in the UK). I dabbed some on the cyst with a cotton pad, and the next day it was red, but not sore. A few days later the redness was fading. However, I would not recommend using this on other areas, as it can make red marks appear worse, even though the bottle lists one of the uses as for acne. Als
  6. Hmmm thats strange, I found that BP has minimized my red marks. In bout 3 weeks, all marks were (almost) unnoticable.
  7. Im from Scotland and 'Oxy on the Spot' (BP 2.5%) has worked for me. To begin with, it took forever for my skin to absorb it, but after a week or two it goes on like a treat, and there is little dryness after this period aswell. Initially, my skin did flake, so I had to use E45 Moisturizer. I am not sure wether it is 'non comedogenic', but i assume it is because i use it regularly now i am clear and it hasnt caused any more zits. Also, i would like to take this opportunity to thank you Dan,
  8. tayrayuf - i had what you are talking about. Dan's regimen cleared me up, and now im doin pretty much what you are, except i apply BP about 2/3 nights a week to make sure i dont get any more spots appearing. Did you try Dan's way first?
  9. Do you mean SA and BP? Just wonderin. Oh and you should try and cut down on milk. I know that there is no scientific evidence or whatever, but excessive milk definately gave me more spots. Also you could buy some Vitamin B6 or Vitamin E capsules to make your skin better at healing and preventing spots.
  10. Some Chinese acupuncturists etc believe that acne is sometims a warning light for an internal problem. I remember that spots between the eyebrows are caused by a lack of nutrition, and hot (spicy) foods can cause them at the temples. Run a web search and you could probably find out more. I'm pretty sure that my acne (all around the beard area) is caused by a mixture of hormones and shaving irritation.
  11. If it works... Have you tried applying BP then waiting 15 mins before putting on moisturiser? the residue is probably just because you don't let your skin absorb the BP first.
  12. a) For me, it took about 2 weeks, but give it a month before you give up on the regimen. b) After 1 and a half weeks, I found my face looked less dry, and I started putting less moisturiser on. Everyone's different though. c) I've never used it, but I would say if you shave in the morning, use the exfoliator only at night, because shaving is a form of exfoliating in itself. d) I hear ice is good for closing pores, try icing the affected area every night for a week and see if you notice
  13. I used to just do the whole thing in 3mins but it does pay to take your time. I found it was more effective if you waited 10mins after cleansing before putting on BP and 10 mins after that before putting on moisturizer. If you say you're a busy man in the morning, why not just get up earlier? Your skin will look at its worst when you first get up, so the earlier you get up and shower etc, the better yowill look when you turn up at school/work/whatever.