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  1. Yeah, the Aveeno one isn't specifcally for your face, but I've never had any issues with using on my face (never caused me to breakout). In fact, I've had less issues with it than with some other moisturizers for the face. My favorite probably is still dan's moisturizer. If he'd ever so slightly thicken it up, it'd be perfect imo. Gets kind of runny sometimes. I had moderate acne on my back, particularly in the shoulder area, in the past. Over the years it's kind of subsided on its own, but w
  2. I can only suggest what has worked for me. I searched for an effective treatment for me for over 9 years...kind of obssively. Here is my regimen that I created for myself using otc products: * This regimen can be quite drying, so use plenty of moisturizer and I'd start out with small amounts until your skin gets used to the products. I've been on the regimen for a few years so my skin is used to it, not sure how it might affect other people. Products List: Main Products (The ones I u
  3. I've used tee tree oil, but not just the pure tee tree oil. I used the products from the body shop. Other than dan's regimen I think it worked better than anything else I've tried. Still, it didn't get me as clear as I would have liked. My friends wife was the one that told me to try it. She lives by it apparently, she claims it is the reason for her clear skin. I actually did use 100% pure once, also provided to me by this friends wife. I used it on a couple of large pimples at the time. Basic
  4. No, I hate neutrogena on the spot. I hate that it is a cream. I used on the spot before ordering dan's products and my morning and night routine has sped up drastically. On the spot is hard to get it to the point where it absorbs into your skin, BUT CAREFUL, if you massage it in too much then it starts to flake. It was so annoying. With Dan's gel I'm able to glob some on in 2 minutes and if it isn't dry/absorbed I can actually leave it and it will dry clear. I don't even use moisturizer with dan
  5. I have heard people explain before that a lot of the time people will breakout when they first start using SA and they called it "purging". I am curious to know what this purging is like and if I am experiencing it or my skin just doesn't like SA and I should try to save my face while I can. So, I've been using tea tree oil for the past many months with....ok success. I still was not happy enough with the results. In the past I've also tried BP which worked about the same as tea tree oil (I fol
  6. Okay so I'd say I have mild acne and it's mainly along my jaw line, but it's annoying because it follow a pattern: a few weeks clear and then I break out and that lasts for a while. In the past I used to have it really bad, but over the years it has let up quite a bit, but still a problem. When I did have it bad I tried over the counter stuff and most of it sucked terribly. My skin is super weak and dries out from everything. Salicylic acid just makes me break out and BP works kind of but isn't
  7. Hey, i was wondering if any guys have tried Nature's Cure Anti-Acne Face & Body Shower Kit, for Men? Iv thought about buying it and trying it out, but dont want to waste the money on it if nobody has had any success. So, ya! Has anybody used it?
  8. The first person to reply gave you suggestions on what to try: "Try getting a good face wash with salicylic acid in it. wash two times a day (no more) and exfoliate once or twice a week with a gentle exfoliating wash. That may do the trick." You should go to www.acne.org and read about acne (under the "Learn About it" section). Acne is cause by bacteria and keeping your skin clean and moisturized is what you want. However, sometimes thats not enough (true for majority of people here). Benzoy
  9. Would be cool if it did work better than BP. Its seemed to stop working for me. Anybody tried it? Also, almost had a heart attack seeing the price