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  1. Yea, you got the ticket IQ. Think of acne as a, hmm, cucoon. (Sorry bout that spelling) You're building up eeevverrything you can, while you're getting rid of that one thing you hate, acne. Just focus on everything else, and exel. And once you get rid of your acne, you have clear skin...and all of the other stuff you built up with time. Does that sound good?
  2. Half German, half Austrian...directly, but there some French and Czeck (or whatever it's called) in there...way back when.
  3. That's good man. I know I know, it's really pretty hard sometimes, but you need to take it step by little tiny step, until you gradually improve little things in your life. They will add up, and generally make you happier. Accomplish stuff, paint a picture, run a mile, who knows, you'll feel better and more able to do things.
  4. Julian makes himself confident on the INTERNET (Which isn't reality, sorry). Good job though, now try it in real life.
  5. ...no, I'm saying improve what you can easily. Acne can be defeated, I know. It's not a nemesis that can never be overcome, no matter how bad it is. I am saying, work on improving yourself, little by little, anything you can. Stop some bad habits, go work out, get new hobbie, buy a car anything that will make you better, or happier than before. I'm saying this because alot of you are waiting till you clear up to have fun. Don't do that. I'm sure you can have fun alone, or with friends. D
  6. Seriously, people, you amplify your own acne, or outpoints...so much more than even the most self centered egotistical person out there. If you still feel bad, then pick out what you like about yourself and develop that till you build confidence regarding that. Then move on, till eventually you work on things which are easier to handle. Get a good haircut, get awesome clothes. Style makes a biiiig difference in the 'dating' world.
  7. Get confidence. True confidence comes from within. You don't need clear skin to be confident people. Seriously, I've experienced this myself, this low confidence depression deal. Well. And to that, I gotta say...guys, go outside. Force yourself to EVERY social gathering you can possibly go to. Force yourself to smile, force yourself to TALK to a girl. (Or guy) And remember no matter HOW many times you fail...there's another coupla billion people out there...a couple of BILLION chances. This i
  8. I have said it before. Anti-depressants, supress, or at best, bypass the problem. They don't solve it. Depression, to me, and many others, is not some mystic chemical imbalance, but a symptom of something in your life. Principle of cause and effect. Fix the cause, don't supress the effect. Try and fix your life up, it's hard, but there's many ways.
  9. It's a good idea. I'd recommend it. Specially before going to bed. Dry skin could make your skin worse. (Not by much I think) I use...a little. I mean, I don't really do the regimen much anymore, since my face is now clear, but I still need to moisturize sometimes. Also, I use Eucerin Renewal, so it has SPF, which is always good in LA.
  10. Yea, I guess. Still can't help feel a littlllee guilty, I'm very glad your doing good though. So I guess my orignal advice did some good?
  11. If it's your opinion cool, Nikia. I'm not going to attack that, I just defend my statements, on spirituality. We kinda derailed the topic. Sorry Arcadian.
  12. My comments? Vile? Not really, the internet, being in type, is rather daunting for deciphering the emotions of the person who wrote the piece. If anything, I'm being stubborn. Very stubborn. No hard feelings though. No…this argument started because you presented some bullshit statistic about psychology, obviously indicating that you don’t know shit about the topic…. and now it’s still continuing because you refuse to admit your wrongdoings, repeating and creating more mistake over and o
  13. good. thank you for clarifying. When it comes to the soul, i agree I believe souls exist. Like ive said before, i see a problem in your idea there. When you say that 'humans are not mere animals' Im assuming that you mean because of our "minds" we are superior to animals. So my question is, how did we get these spiritual minds if no god placed them in us, and no animal we evolved from has them? did they just suddenly appear in humans? or are you also saying that animals have spiritual minds,