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Acne Really Sucks

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    *banned from acne.org*
  1. ..but when your with them you only think of the bad?? I have no idea.
  2. yeah my games at an all time low too. I guess it's only up from here though
  3. Acne straight up fucked my mindstate up. It's like I can't think clear anymore. Even with lite acne its hard to break through the chains of old habits
  4. Allright man, thanks for all the advice.
  5. Do you honestly feel any healthier after doing this. Can't i just take dandelion root to push out more bile.
  6. I learned to stop touching my face. Best Decisioun i ever made. It's tough to drop old habits though
  7. You must forget. It's the only way you going to be set free.