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  1. Science obviously runs our universe, if religion would be based off of a specific faith, and if that true faith was Christianity, about 90% of the world's population would go to hell. Tell me, is that fair? No, because god has never proven himself to us. If this is his method of proving himself to us, he's obviously incredibly cruel. I need proof, not something that I can HOPE is going to catch my fall when I die.
  2. Yea, she is a good friend, that's the problem. I'm actually not positive, she might think she's just trying to be my friend, when I'm taking it a different way. I've got a few girls I might be able to get, though. And yes, I would love some pussy. My confidence is just shot because of my acne, though. I just need this Retin A Micro to get rid of it totally.....but it's looking pretty good compared to how it used to look. And I changed my hairstyle, I think everybody likes it a whole lot
  3. Oh, does it make a difference if she signed my yearbook and wrote her number in it last year? I didn't even ask for it. She just said "call me sometime".
  4. Heh, the complexity of everything always adds up correctly, and that's why it's so organized; math is the harmonic language of the universe. The "complexity" you're talking about it actually more simple than it is difficult. The sun? It's just a ton of hydrogen. The hydrogen is plentiful enough to stay together in its own gravity, and physics takes over. It fuses due to immense pressure when the atoms are squeezed together at high speeds and heat in the center of the star, and that createts
  5. i want sex lol second that Id rather have both. Right now all I get is heated passionate drunken one nighters. I'm charming and confident and girls love me but im just too damn unattractive for a relationship. Im only attractive when the lights are out, the candles are lit, the incense is burning, the music is soft and oh yeah the fucking bottle of rum is being passed around. Fuckin sucks, I get lonely as hell. I almost landed a relationship with a real sweet cute girl (great kis
  6. Honestly, I thought everybody did things like associate colors and numbers and days, etc., but I found out they don't. =P I like the synesthesia part, it's fun, actually, I can boast about something that not everybody has. =D But, about the anxiety, that part is annoying. I guess I'm kind of soft with a lot of things, unless it comes to things I think are downright wrong (Like my friend, a girl, said that my other friend, a guy, kicked her, so I went and gave him a slug to the shoulder, I
  7. I see it as a ripening banana. You can't eat it too early, but if you wait too long, it ends up being all bruised and fucked up, and you can't eat it. You gotta eat it when it's ripe... SHUT UP AND ASK HER OUT YOU FUCKHEAD!! Lawl, no, she ain't ripe yet.... Actually, she has a huge (HUGE) rack, so I guess that analogy won't really work.
  8. Shows with Tyra Banks ALWAYS have a lotta skin.... No, I didn't see it, but I kinda wish I heard more about it. I'm too bored to care now, though.
  9. I had bad acne for a long time, a few years, and eventually, I had to go to a doctor, I couldn't live with it any longer. I get some antibiotics after I tried Proactiv by myself (Didn't do shit, it just hurt like hell with them damn beads, the sulfur mask is a lifesaver, though) and I was disappointed to see absolutely no change whatsoever. I was also on an antibiotic cream, and that, again, did nothing. I finally wanted Accutane after trying that, and I tried a ton of natural things too....n
  10. Just tell 'em.... ...IMA FUCK YOU UP, BITCH.....!!! Then walk away with your shoulders back, and DO THE MATRIX
  11. I see it as a ripening banana. You can't eat it too early, but if you wait too long, it ends up being all bruised and fucked up, and you can't eat it. You gotta eat it when it's ripe...
  12. Hello, I'm Dean, and I'm a wishy-washy person. I'm rather indecisive sometimes. I always feel like I want to do something or go somewhere, and when I want to do that, it's just kind of impossible...I'm indecisive about a lot of things. I'm an anxious person, too. I'm always curious, and I'm really cautious of everything, I'm a worry-ward, and I always have to keep my brain active doing something. A lot of the time, I NEED to play a video-game (Like Legend of Zelda, lots of puzzles/problems
  13. Wow, ask over the internet? Just call the "escourt service". That, or go ask a ton of different girls if they want to fuck you, if you ask a lot of girls, you're bound to find one that will sex ya. OMFG SECKS
  14. I think I still might have to work on her, she just seems like the one that would give me an obvious sign first if she wanted to go out with me. I think I'll wait a week or two, and if I think all is going well, then hey...maybe... That, and there's a few other girls too that seem as if they're bewing kinda lovey-dovey lately. It's between the girl I was originally talking about, and another girl that I kinda like, too. I'll pull a triangle and then go on Jerry Springer.
  15. I know this isn't what you want to hear, but you're too good for him. Forget about him, if he really needs to cheat on you with another woman, he's just a born loser. There are plenty of fish in the sea. You can get a better guy than that, c'mon, you've got us to talk too in the meantime. You arne't alone, ugly, but you can get a better guy. Don't worry, you'll find the right guy one day....