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  1. Good to see your skin doing so well! I'm still clear although I have been getting small zits on my nose (I think it's from sunblock) that are barely noticable compared to the nickel sized cysts I was getting on my chin!
  2. Still going ok, I have gotten 2 smaller zits but I'm cool with it. I've been getting zits on my noce for the past 4 weeks and have NEVER had that before so I don't know what the deal is.
  3. Maybe you should see an endo. I skipped my derm and went to an endo and he put me on spiro not only for my acne but some hairs on my face as well. I have no new break outs (I had 2 VERY small zits that seem to have gone away as soon as they arrived) but still have the hair so I'm starting electrolysis to get rid of them.
  4. This is totally scary, I'm still clear!
  5. I do the same EXACT thing with neosporin and it works perfectly. I usually reapply around 1-2pm at work in the bathroom and it's good all day. Don't pick it off or it'll take longer to heal yall trust me I know!
  6. Ok so I'm in my 13th week and I am looking pretty clear this week. No new pimples so I'm not sure how long it will last, I go through periods where my face is clear then a week later I get more! We'll see.
  7. I don't recall having an initial breakout, I did however try a new face wash once that my derm gave me that instantly made my face swollen and red! It was terrible because I had to go to class 5 minutes after I cleaned my face. I used aloe and it brought it down drastically.
  8. I've had blackheads on my nose since I can remember, they actually don't bother me at all. Just this year I began getting a few on my chin but again, blackheads don't really bother me. Mostly because I've mastered popping them! haha My main issue pre-spiro were the cysts, I'd get one a month that would last 3 weeks then 1 week of clear then bam another one. Until this year I began getting multiple cysts at a time so I made the choice to start spiro.
  9. my oil decreased the second week as well, i pee more then before but not to where it bothers me
  10. Hey guys, I'm in my 11th week and I have had ZERO cystic pimles so far! I've had the whiteheads thats come and go but they don't bother me as much as the huge and painful cysts. I do still have some redmarks but they don't bother me as much because they have been fading after about 2-3 weeks. I was getting some milia around my eyes and I have a few on the sides of my chin, they lay there for a week or two then turn into whiteheads and go away. I think it was my face lotion causing them so I stop
  11. I totally agree with you. I'd have days where my skin looks great and I'm happy as can be, then I would break out and turn into a homebody for a week or two. My boyfriend told me how dumb my hiding was back in March and I haven't done it since and let me tell you, I've had the best time going out and think that my attitude has helped a bit with the breakouts. I'm still getting zits but I haven't had as many as before (knock on wood).